In deciding on choosing between the used or new car, various considerations or questions come to mind. The monthly payment considerations, the value of the car, and the running costs are some of the basic concerns. However, basing your decisions on this factor alone may not help you arrive at a good answer. Financiers’ advice it is better to do some more money management calculations before making the final decision. When purchasing a new vehicle, depreciation is an important cost that must always be put into perspective.

Depreciation is the loss in value between the purchase price and selling price. This is lost money that you will never recover, despite the vehicle being in very good condition. Due to this single factor alone, the used car is the better option. Research has shown that a new car loses approximately 25 – 30% of the value as soon as it has left the dealers parking. Why should you lose this money?

Used Cars in DubaiMotoring Experience in Dubai

Once settled with a good auto, a fine driving escapade will make you familiarize with the controls. Experiencing a leisure drive out of the city is necessary. A trip to the Musandum peninsula is a great option that will give you a pleasurable feeling. If you are using a rented vehicle, you may opt to go for a used one, which are available through great vendors and the process of owning is simplified. A simple trip around the city can also be a good treat to take in.

Driving Around Jumeirah and Sight Seeing

Along with being the top as a business center, Dubai city is home to one of the best beaches worldwide. The Jumeirah beach and the trip around the Jumeirah village triangle offer a breath-taking sight such as the Burj khalifa, the Dubai fountains, palm islands and the Dubai marina.

Start Your Search for Used Automobile at Dubai Investment Park

The DIP is rapidly transforming to a vehicle dealership hub for both new and used vehicles. Currently, over 14 automobile dealers have set up shops and show rooms for business. The range of other motor services is also available such as leases, service centers, spare parts, workshops and accessories. To note, the DIP is home to the largest vehicle dealer with an over 7000 Sq meter vehicle zone that deals with major brands of vehicles, both used and new. Are you considering owning a vehicle? Then here should be your first stop.

Vehicle Maintenance Solutions

The car zone at the DIP offers more than just servicing. Other vehicle maintenance solutions available include security systems, tire services and car washes, all these designed to get your car in perfect shape all the time.

The rapid development of technology has increased the efficiency in the business process. When choosing between a new car and a used car option, depreciation costs are very critical consideration because they cause a rapid loss in value without a corresponding rate of usage. The city of Dubai and the surrounding environs provide great holidaying adventures, offering a variety of restaurants, accommodation and business opportunities.

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