What Does It Take To Be a Teacher in Sharjah

Sitting amidst the deep lying lands of the Middle East, a country that’s not only a modern day example of economic proliferation, but a marvel that presents the most efficient hacks to unlock the potential in fields like Real Estate, Manufacturing, Finance and FMCG. While emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi seem to be making immense progress on the economic front, there are emirates like Sharjah which are moving ahead with a great momentum on the same track. Reputable sources have confirmed that economists all over the world and in the UAE have vouched for an economically sound period to be witnessed here, in the years to come.

One such profession gaining prominence in Sharjah is teaching. With a multitude of professional looking forward to high paying teaching jobs in the country, there’s a lot that needs to be pondered over, before making a run for it. Hence, given below are a few areas on which you need to work, in order to score an efficient teaching job in the emirate. Give it a good glance and make your efforts pay the right results.

You Should be a Good Classroom Manager

As generic as the idea may sound, Sharjah today is home to a multiple cohorts coming from a zillion different social backgrounds. It is home to professionals having their families coming over from different continents, which pretty much indicates the kind of class composition you’ll have to face. Strong classroom management lays the basic foundation for you to excel in a teaching job anywhere in the world, so is in Sharjah. So, it’s about time you start working on the same!

Get Mingled With The Emirati Culture

One of the foremost things expected from expatriate teachers is the right understanding of the Emirati culture. Sources suggest that lack of awareness about the same surely cause a plethora of hurdles amongst the aspiring teachers in the hind sight. You should try and inculcate the basic understanding of the value and beliefs that are the founding stones of the society in the UAE.

The country is home to nearly 200 nationalities evenly distributed amongst prominent emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The schools here teach nearly 16 different curricula, which clearly states the intricacies one has to pay attention to, while teaching in the country. Hence, it becomes quite imperative for you to equip yourself with all necessary skills and knowledge pertaining to the norms and culture in the country. On the other side, landing in the country and keeping all your social circles limited to other expatriates only would serve as a barricade in the process. So, go ahead and learn as much about the culture and traditions here. It can be the key to classroom engagement you direly require at work.

Impeccable Communication Skills

Having clearly stated that the emirate is home to nearly 20 different nationalities, communication might be the prime barrier you need to face. First thing you need to work on are your Arabic skills. Be it any school or university you apply in, the employment contract of paramount importance is the one versed in Arabic, and the same will be referred to, in case of a dispute.

You need to be an active listener on whom different students from different social backgrounds can rely. Interpersonal skills will form a major share of your skills-set, along with patience and the ability to handle stressful situations in the multi-cultural set of students.

The areas to work on are endless to list, but the crucial ones can be handpicked nevertheless. So, all you need is to start working on the rudimentary ones, rest will fall in place by itself. Paying attention to these can make Sharjah the best working destination for you to teach in.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf.

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