Property Market in Dubai, UAE in Present Scenario

Investment in Dubai has turned out to be a global property hotspot, with immense architectural developments along with promising projects growing up each day. The market in Dubai is still growing, thus the demand for properties is exceeding the supply. This is the right time for foreigners to invest in this country. The Freehold Law was passed in march 2006 which allowed foreigners a 99 year leasehold or freehold possession of land in selected areas. This has allowed the foreign investor a lot of merits.

· Owners are capable to rent or sell out their possessions in Dubai if they wish.

· Dubai doesn’t impose taxes on earnings; this includes those obtained from renting property. Capital Gains Tax are also not imposed.

· With Dubai’s populace estimated to double in the next four to five years thus causing the demand for properties to increase each year, hence a land bought for the reason of leasing can be a long term income-generating benefit to the owner.

· Owners are not necessary required to live in the UAE, but must stopover the country once every six months. Property management companies, include, Cluttons Asteco and Colliers International who can take care of the property when the owners are not there. Real estate market has improved compared to that of the preceding years. This is because all the sectors of real estate market in Dubai are now experiencing a recovery, thus the rents are going up since the year 2008.

Properties for sale in UAE include villas, real estates and apartments.

Right Time to Buy Villas/Apartments in Dubai (The factors that will boost the present investment for good profit in future

Dubai is an ideal place to live for people with luxurious lifestyles. Dubai is also a good place to live with your family. The best locations to live in Dubai include the Meadows; palm islands Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches and so forth. Buying the villas has become in demand as it gives unique housing for families to live in. one can also have corporate events, weddings and exhibitions in the villas. If you are willing to purchase them, you have to examine the important factors for the best villas offered.

  • You have to select the real estate agents. This is because they’re capable of acquiring the most excellent deal for you, since they recognize all the merits and demerits of properties for sale in UAE.
  • Another factor that you are supposed to think about is asking about the neighboring areas, To know if there is any disturbance in the surroundings like noise pollution from constructions. This will enable one to have a good idea of the surroundings before purchasing the villa.
  • You also need to locate the important infrastructures surrounding it such as airports, shopping mall and beach.
  • One more significant factor to consider is the income you may yield after renting and the possibility of a raise in income in the future. This alteration occurs according to the low, high, and peak seasons.

Classified websites will help one to know more about villas before purchasing it. This therefore makes it easy for one to decide whether to invest in that place at a limited time. It also helps one to know the availability of the properties for sale.


Investors are encouraged in indulging in Property investment in villas for sale in Dubai. Because UAE is a good place to relax and the demand for properties increases yearly, thus a fully equipped apartment will yield an increasing income to the investor.

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