The choice of buying a car is very tricky situation especially with existing economic challenges. New car are relatively expensive with heftier insurance cost.  The used car model in Dubai offers solution to these problems as they are affordable and durable. The main factors to consider while purchasing used car in Dubai includes: age of car in terms of mileage, kilometers covered, current condition of the car, engine noise, acceleration from stop, brake and hill climbing among many others.

Various Types of Car Models Available in the Dubai Market and Special Features.

The most popular used car model in Dubai  are Nissan  Altima 2008 model, Honda civic 2008, Toyota Camry 2008 model, Honda accord 2008 model, Toyota land cruiser 2009 model, Nissan 350z 2004 are among the most resale car models in Dubai market.

  • Honda Accord. It was redesigned in 2008 with the following features; CD/mp3 player with steering wheel control, head restraint system with keyless entry, LED indicators, cruise control, dual front airbag and ABS brakes among many others.
  • Hyundai elantra model; these models are well equipped with plenty of convenience features that includes intermittent windshields wipers, dual vanity mirror, 12 volt outlets, airbag, tinted windows and  ABS brakes
  • Nissan 350z; it is build with full size pickup which enables easy off road capability. It features includes, power mirror ,airbags, running boards, ABS and alloy wheels, leather seat, roof rack cross bar and fabric upholstery.
  • Jaguar x type; a model with special features such as fog lights, audio package, DVD player, outo color and aluminum rims.
  • Hyundai matrix 1.5 CRDi VGT.  It features includes; sport package, MP3 player, durable tires, fog lights.

Guarantees Available while Purchasing Used Car.

The guarantee is available as selling companies offers free evaluation for used car on behalf of sellers and buyers. This enables the buyers to purchase a quality and durable used car. The car dealer also ensures that the car is properly registered with renowned insurance companies. They also give a warrant to their customers to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Mode of Delivery.

After all the paper work is complete the dealers and companies ensures that used car is delivered to the customer safely. Mode of delivery includes; shipping, using tracks railways and aircraft. The customer are kept in touch through use of online services such email, fax, messages among other professional services. This service ensures that the customers receive their used car model safe. The companies also uses clearing agent who assist the client in legalizing the purchased car.

Where to get Used Cars at Affordable Rates in Dubai.

Used car for resale in Dubai such as, vehicle showroom and online sites which include, These sites enable the buyers to explore features and conditions of the used car before they make a decision to buy.


The used car business continued to rise rapidly in Dubai compared to earlier years.  This due to government support attracting many local and foreigners investors. Used car have various benefits such as: affordability, realiability, save time, convenient and durable. Examples of used car model available in the market includes; a Nissan  Altima 2008 model, Honda civic 2008,Toyota Camry 2008 model ,Honda accord 2008 model, Toyota land cruiser 2009 model, Nissan 350z 2004 are among many others. They are available online websites and showrooms which enables the client to inspect them thorough. The mode of deliver includes; shipping, using tracks railway and aircraft.

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