Hyundai at its best of Creation

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd from South Korea have offered memorable offshore terminal area at Khalifa Port and also at Abu Dhabi’s Industrial Zone. In spite of their several businesses, they shine in this industry carrying exclusive name for their performance amidst competence.

Top Multinational Construction Companies in UAE

Royal BAM Group

It is based in Netherlands and it is involved in superior construction business in Europe. They focus on developing non-residential, dwelling, utilities, environmental projects and many more. It is now engaged in creating new stadium for Arabian Gulf League Champions Al Ain.

Samsung Engineering                                                                      

Having its headquarters at Seol, Samsung has made substantial construction business in more than 40 countries across the world and in Emirates hey have made their powerful presence by being one of the contractors in the making of Burj Khalifa. In addition to that they have done several projects in Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Engineering burj khalifa


It is originated in North America and offers excellent services over diverse market segments. This company has earned good recognition for accepting higher level building orders including the most complicated and complex ones. Their aim remains nurturing uniqueness along with technological aspects so that they can make a difference in their performance. In addition to that, they also stand aloof through their relationship aspects which they maintain with their client and employees. In Middle East they have established special name for varieties of complex works they have taken up in and around Dubai. Full fletched project implementation started during the year 2006 after Turner teamed up with Emaar Properties PJSC who is Dubai-based global assets developers. Their joint collaboration ended in remarkable results through implementing plethora of construction works in Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

Successful Projects

Some of the successful building works done by Turner in collaboration with global real estate developer provide extended opportunities for new business entity in Qatar, Kuwait and UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Notable projects included are,

  • Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar Doha
  • Emirates palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi
  • Shoangri La Barr Al Jossa
  • Shoreline Apartments Dubai

Shoreline Apartments is one among the largest man made islands situated at the right of the trunk of The Palm and consists of 20 comfortable blocks of apartments each featured with10 to 12 stories. It is comprised of 2500 apartments and 80 two storied penthouse and access to clubhouses, fitness centre, recreation and restaurant facilities. The project looks stunning and when viewed from above, we will be able to obtain fantabulous view of Arabian Gulf. Similarly, University of Qatar is yet another remarkable work of the team featuring seven major academic buildings built using white precast concrete for making facades.

Successful Projects


The increasing confidence of investors from different nations around the world and subsequent encouragement given by Middle East Government is the strongest factor that has led to many illustrious works. As a result, Emirates has emerged out in the top position in infrastructural aspects and well being of the inhabitants who prefer to invest in UAE property as a matter of luxury. These projects have been encouraging domestic companies to come up with various models of apartments in the city of Dubai, Sharjah, and many places around.

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