Healthcare sector- an essential part of a country’s economy is one of the areas that differentiates developed nations from the rest. A country’s progress and strength of economy can be measured by the level of development and opportunities available in its healthcare system. Even though the state of economy might affect this sector, but the effect is never as big as on the other sectors. Therefore, it is safe to say that opportunities in this area are almost economy resistant.

healthcare jobs in Abu Dhabi

The past decade has seen a lot of developments in the healthcare sector, with all the capable nations investing big in developing state of the art facilities, sponsoring researches among others.This global trend together with the safety offered by this sector has been able to successfully lure a lot of students into having a career in healthcare.

Since the healthcare sector is witnessing development around the globe, it has also triggered a trend of students and professionals moving into new countries to avail the opportunities. The trend is driven by developing nations which are making huge investments in the field of healthcare and thereby generating a large number of opportunities for both students and professionals.

The UAE is one such destination, which is witnessing a large population of both nationals and expats either starting or continuing their careers in healthcare. One can get the sense of available opportunities by looking at the fact that all the seven gulf nations are spending astronomical figures in the sector – be it be opening new facilities, or upgrading machinery in the existing or opening new medical schools or financing research studies. Healthcare sector in the GCC region constitutes around 10 % to its job market and the job opportunities for medical students have increased by 14 %.

The following section presents a case in point and highlights how growing healthcare opportunities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not just benefitting medical students but also from different line of expertise.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai

The capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is becoming a developing clump of people migrating from different regions across the globe to earn their living in this increasingly attractive place.Similarly, professionals from healthcare industry have continued to find Abu Dhabi a great place to earn their living, supported by the growing job opportunities. To sustain the aforementioned statement, a valuable addition to the health care system has created numerous job opportunities for doctors in Abu Dhabi.

New Burjeel Hospital, which is the largest private hospital in Abu Dhabi just opened a new branch. The expansion was worth a billion DH, and created approximately 1200 job opportunities for medical professionals. The expansion has also provided to be a bliss for the patients, who can make the most of the state of the art facility and its services. This colossal health care centre has been able to hire approximately 150 doctors, 450 nurses and other 600 staff members.

Effect of this opening can be quantified by looking at hike in healthcare jobs in Abu Dhabi, and migration of foreign nationals into the country. Like mentioned above, this is one of the many projects in the gulf region. Huge investments like these not only help doctors, but also provide an equal opportunity for nurses.

Looking at the recent numbers, it will not be an overstatement that nurses actually benefit more than the doctors from opening of a hospital or expansion of its operations. The reason is straightforward – nurses actually run the show after doctors are done providing a diagnosis. Therefore, recently The Dubai Health Authority made an announcement of recruiting around 531 nurses from various nations including Philippines, India, Jordan, among others. Skilled nurses are not just in high demand, but they are also witnessing a healthy jump in pays.

The growth in the health care sector was a by-product of growth in Dubai’s economy. The testimony to this is the positive variation in the salary packages can be safely observed from the data published by According to it, the average pay for a staff nurse is approximately DH 86.577 per year or around DH7215 per month. Increase in pay is also dependent on factors including experience, nature of the nursing jobs, career level.

In summary, many recent developments followed by other proactive measures to further boost the health sector by governments in the gulf region has created an immense pool of opportunities for health professionals. Both nationals and expats have been able to, and are continuing to benefit and bolster their careers. It has also led to an increase in number of students choosing medical profession over others. So, it will only be befitting to say that if you are aiming to get into health care or are a medical professional and are well versed with the local language, then studying or finding a job in the gulf should be on top of your list.

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