Marketing is about understanding the needs, desires, and constraints of your target group, audience and customers in a better way and hence assisting the growth in customer loyalty and retention. With several opportunities available there are many roles in this field of business, each providing ample opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity and hence contribute to the success of any industry type or business organizations

The UAE job market is in boom and there is a huge demand for talented and proficient professionals. With improved socio-economic conditions, UAE job marketthere are an increased number of job opportunities available across the region. Organizations are experiencing better times and are welcoming new talent who are enthusiastic to bring in profits to the organizations.  Industries like construction sector, oil and gas sector, hospitality, health care, tourism, information technology and multinational firms in various verticals are on a rise. This progress will help the managers to fetch good amount of salary. Professionals and students majoring in marketing field have profound career opportunities as they are not limited by the industry type.

Let us understand the various marketing roles and the skill sets required in the respective career tracks.

Market Research– It involves an extensive research work that is conducted by using various tools like surveys, focus groups, internet, and interaction with target group among others. In this discipline one needs to understand and conclude upon the needs and requirements of the target group. The various positions available in the market under this role are Market Research Manager, Market Research Supervisor and Market Research Director, Market Research Analyst, Market Research Executive.

Brand Management– The skills required to flourish in a career in brand management are the ability to translate findings of a research study into action. With creative ideas and leadership qualities, brand managers are required to lead a team and provide effective solutions to their clients and customers. With an attractive salary options, there are various roles under this category which include brand manager, product development manager and product manager.

Advertising – This category requires innovation and creativity to maximize the reach and hence the sales of a product by connecting with customers. Professionals majoring in this category need to execute the ads within the constraints of allotted budget. Furthermore, their aim should be to deliver cost effective solutions while keeping in mind position and strategy of the organization in the market. Various competent roles available in branch are advertising sales managers, media buyers, advertising directors, advertising executives, media director, advertising planners, advertising sales officer, media coordinator, and advertising supervisors.

Career Outlook for Marketing in UAE

Marketing jobs in UAE are in demand as the companies across the area are looking for professionals with skill set to expand company’s reach and Career Outlook for Marketing in UAEto spread awareness among customers about company’s upcoming initiatives and projects.The area with growing economy has many budding business organizations that require skilled marketing teams in order to set up an affluent customer base. The requirement is equally strong among the established companies. The scope of marketing, thereby, has grown in UAE and students and professionals majoring in this field will always be in an opportune position as the job opportunities will not be limited by the industry type.

Working in the field of marketing though lucrative is also challenging especially in an area like UAE, which has varied cultural diversity. This makes the position challenging as professionals will have to find a common ground with their customers in order to gain some traction. Students and professionals should carry a marketing degree coupled with other skills including quantitative analyses, creative thinking, excel and other computer applications. Excellence in using marketing tools, good communications skills, well versed in Arabic Language, ability to work in challenging work environments, good networking skills, sales and presentation skills, flexibility to work under pressure, dealing with different projects at a time, and good negotiation skills are other requirements for positions in this field.

As per the performance of the employees, the salary varies range from AED 172,000 per year to AED 300,000 per year.

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Future Prospects

Marketing managers are solely responsible for managing company’s marketing plan and customer base through both digital and traditional formats. To assist the requirements, desires and complaints of the customers, managers should keep themselves updated with ever-changing industry expertise, tools, demand and market trends. Therefore,with extremely bright future, professionals can excel in their careers by choosing to work in the field of marketing and getting in industry of their choice.

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