The strategic positioning of UAE has made it a world leader in the used car market. Despite stringent regulations on the vehicle age, the market continues to thrive well. In the city of Dubai alone, the used car showrooms total to more than 200 exhibitions. This market has grown so much that the municipality of Dubai had to construct an AED 65 million multistory structure for vehicle parking in Al kahor.

Current Government Regulations on Sale of Used Cars in UAE

Various regulations have affected the development of the used car market. One of them is the legislation that banned the importation of cars more than 5 years of age, which slashed off a sizeable section of the market. In terms of documentation while purchasing, the only documents required are the delivery order, copy of the bill of lading, and the inspection report. Export documentation of used cars involves;

  • An export declaration, which is approved by a licensed operator given mandate by the licensing agency.
  • An export permit issued by an approved body.
  •  An authentic sale invoice showing the quantity, description and the total value of the vehicles.
  • Goods clearing declaration;

The authorities of the UAE have made the process of resale of used cars in Dubai very friendly to businessmen thus promoting the success of the used vehicle business.

Importance of Enforcing Regulations and Standards of Used Cars

The government of the UAE has been keen on enforcing rules on the importation of used cars especially on the age limit of cars. This is done to prevent entry of old cars, which compromise the safety of the drivers and the pedestrians as well. The used car business has also been a great revenue earner for the country to complement the other industries.

 Quality Assessments Necessary When Purchasing Cars

Various assessments are made during the purchase used cars in UAE. The most important being the certification on the age of the car. The state of the odometer is also important because it gives the total mileage of the car, which is also a good indicator of vehicle condition. Inspectors also check on the engine chassis number to confirm what has been documented.

Government Inspection Checks On Used Vehicles

The key areas of inspection include;

  • Exhaust emissions, which can give information on the condition of the engine.
  •  Condition of the braking systems;
  •  Movement of the steering wheel and the mechanical condition of the steering system;
  • The Visibility of the wind screens and the vehicle glasses;
  • Condition of the lighting system such as the headlights, fog lights and the lenses;
  • State of the wheels, tyres, suspensions, engine mounting, safety belts and safety equipments in the vehicle;
Government Inspection Checks On Used Vehicles

Adherence to Relevant Documentation

As with every nation, strict compliance to the inspection standards is required in the UAE and is an accepted good business ethic. It is also very costly for a businessperson to face a rejection of goods because they have to be shipped again at their cost.


The market for used cars in the UAE continues to grow due to its strategic location in the world. Vehicles are sold to locals and exported to other countries such as Africa, Russia and china. The government of UAE has endeavored to make business friendly regulations by reducing bureaucracy in setting up the business as well as easier documentation. This has led to increased profitability and expansion of the used car business.

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