Establishing the right goals conforms with the best strategy and this is what planners in the UAE have done.The rapid development of this country has created a need for better housing, class accommodation and facilities to handle the increased flow of business people. The government has also stepped in to establish procedures and legislation to govern the development of property in the country.

Controlled Development Procedures

Controlled Development Procedures

Developing your property in the UAE requires compliance with certain regulations including;

  • Acquisition of a construction permit from the regulatory authorities.
  • Qualified engineers and architectural designers Approved by the government must be involved in the design and construction of the premises.
  • The developer must furnish the required documents, including a no objection documentation showing that the authorities have no queries into the project.
  • Land demarcation documents.

Green Building Design Requirements In Dubai

The ongoing construction must conform to environmental conservation and sustainability. The measures required for green building status includes management of construction waste and thereafter, measures of water conservation, including rainwater management and energy efficiency. The compliance criteria are detailed in the “United States Green Building Council” under the leadership in energy and environmental design requirements.(LEED)

Acquiring A Building Permit

This is a critical requirement and acquiring the document requires;

  • The developer must obtain clearances from service providing authorities such as and communication providers and water services.
  • Payment of relevant fees such as permit fees and planning charges.
  • The permit remains valid for one year and extension may only be granted when proper reasons are provided.
  • Changes in the architectural plans cannot be made without documented approval from the licensing authority.

construction should be done with the guidance of a consultant

General Construction Procedures For UAE Properties

The construction should be done with the guidance of a consultant who is the link between the contractor and the authorities. Appropriate signages must be put in place for safety considerations.

Authorization for temporary supplies such as electricity, water and storage facilities must be sought before commencement of the construction. Some commercial constructions require a deposit of funds to the authority to cater for the costs of uncleared debris once construction is complete.

Safety Considerations In Property Development In UAE

Safety Considerations In Property Development In UAE

While developing UAE properties, appropriate safety procedures must be followed. These include provisions of fire exits, fire fighting installations and detection systems.Security systems must also be installed in commercial premises and this is a strict requirement for properties for sale in Dubai.

Utilities Installation

Essential supplies must be available within the property boundaries. Electrical power installations must also comply with standards set by the service authority. Water connections must be made as well as installation of waste water removal facilities in conformance with the “uniform plumbing code of the USA”


Strategic planning and management has enhanced the rapid development of properties in the UAE as well as in Dubai.Government regulations have created a sound framework for easier construction of buildings while maintaining the environment.While developing your property in Dubai, it is critical to comply with regulations including building permits,planning designs and utility installation procedures.

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