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Excellent Consumer Perceptions with Properties In Abu Dhabi

UAE for a long time is been considered to be the hub of builders and asset management activities as they offer incentives foe expats as well as for local investors. It is precisely for this reason property for sale in Abu Dhabi is in high demand due to the luxurious trends that we follow in the construction scenario. The thought leaders of UAE has truly kept no stones unturned to make this location as one of the centres of international activities. It is important to note in this aspect that this region is poised for a great growth in construction and real estate and is going to offer immense investment opportunities for individuals. The greatest attribute that is offered is the abundance of fine properties that serves as a great foil for the investment community at large.

Real Estate market

Excellent Growth Rate

Statistics clearly reveal unprecedented growth and development in real estate in 2015 despite the economic slowdown. There has been growth in hospitality as well as in residential properties and apartments in Abu Dhabi. Rental growth of residential properties continues to be 4% in the first quarter of 2015 followed by the 11% growth in 2014 at the same time. The stable condition of residential properties is augmenting fast growth with the hospitality segment being one of the strongest performers that is bound to boost tourism in all aspects. The Abu Dhabi offices are relatively high with market being stable for the last two consecutive years and the rates of vacancy are likely to remain stable in all proportions.

Celebrity Endorsements

The boost in luxury homes and villas in Abu Dhabi can be well seen among the well-known celebrities from all fields including sports, film fraternity who buy their dream homes in this place due to the unprecedented glamour quotient that is adds apart from convenience. There are also demand of flat purchase in Abu Dhabi as we find a lot of expats investing on construction assets as they try to find their feet in the rising economy and immense opportunities in this place in a holistic outlook or pursuing a great corporate career. Hollywood stars and sports celebrities have invested in UAE homes in illustrious values and proportions.

Technically Equipped Office Buildings

The global outlook towards a general revamp has a lot to do with the immense growth in the purchasing houses in Corniche Beach. The developments and the amenities that areprovided by Middle East construction giants are some of the best in the world with luxurious comforts provided. One of the biggest attributes that is offered by offices in this part of the word is the comprehensive technical abilities like WIFI enabled buildings, energy efficiency abilities and likewise along with the great office accommodation that is available in these buildings. The huge skyscrapers as well as luxury homes provide an ultimate dream home in all proportions to locals as well as the international community on a global basis.

The associated facilities like swimming pools, banquet halls, parks of the highest facilities and even community halls that illustrate highest class and elegance in all accounts with rented properties in this thriving location.

Expat’s Dream

It is true that expats enjoy a dream life in this region with best in class facilities and the immense benefits that is provided with the corporate ambience and larger than life environment of the accommodation facilities. In the coming years, it is only going to become bigger with immense investments and concessions that is been offered as FDI in real interest. Indeed business in UAE is only going to get bigger with changing market dynamics.

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