The Emirates are a country located on the Arabian Peninsula comprising of seven states or principalities. Long ago before the discovery of oil, the economy was heavily dependent of pearl fishing which was later phased out due to unfavorable economic factors.

The UAE economy is currently heavily dependent on oil, and through crude exportation, high economic success has been achieved. The improved economy, infrastructure and strategic position on the peninsula have created a central point for international trade making the country also a successful business hub.

As a result of the success in trade, tourism and the retail of goods, the economies of states such as Dubai have rapidly grown and so has the prices of properties in UAE at the best.

The economic recession of the 2007 to 2010 hit the UAE seriously and slowed down the construction industry but it has slowly and steadily recovered boosted by the tourism and the trade sector.

Due to the success seen in the Dubai state, other states especially the Northern emirates are rapidly following suit. Investor attraction has been critical on the government agenda, with major incentives being given to developers of residential and commercial properties. This implies that this is the right time for anyone wishing to invest in the emirates to buy for the best profits to be realized.

villa in Dubai

Rental Properties

Due to the attractive business climate as well as the government incentives for investors, buying properties for renting out has become a lucrative business. This has even been made easier by the availability of property managers who will do all the management and maintenance work for you.

Villas are common properties that investors are keeping their eyes on. These are furnished Villas as well as luxury Villas. The distinguishing aspect of these properties is that furnished villa are usually for rent while Luxury villas are usually for sale. Some of the famous properties include;

  • The Arabian Ranches
  • The Al Barari
  • Jumeirah islands
  • The springs
  • Palm Jumeirah ; Signature villas

The villas business is currently the most lucrative due to their relative shortage in supply. This has been occasioned by developers preferring to construct high rise buildings for residential purposes.

Properties in Dubai

In downtown Dubai, a one bedroom flat fully furnished will go from AED 850000(230000 dollars ) to up to AED 1.6 million (435000 dollars)depending on the individual features while bigger houses of up to 6 bedrooms my go for up to AED 34 million(9.2 million USD).

Some of the places to get ready for sale apartments include the Dubai Marina, Meadows, Emirates Hills, and the Jumeira beach region. To know more about properties in Dubai, visit –


The development of the United Arab Emirates has been rapid since the discovery of oil in the country.  The government of the emirates has also focused on the development of infrastructure, tourism and trade leading to high growth rate of the economy. This has led to increased demand in real estates and property in the country has become highly profitable. Buying property in the springs, International City, Jumeirah Village Triangle and UAE has become a sure way to earn pure profits and various companies are available to help you purchase these properties.

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