Online Marketing is a popular method used in today’s world for advertising and marketing of various products. It involves the use of internet as a platform to convey messages to customers. such advertisements include web banner advertising, display advertising and much more. online advertising includes of both a publisher who develops the online content of such ads, and an advertiser who procides the advertisement to be displayed. It has become a popular source of advertisement throughout the World and is adopted by most countries. Online Marketing in UAE is prominent due to huge audience and a large number of mixed religion residing in the area.

Some of the Methods of Online Marketing are-

  • Display Advertising: This form of method consists of advertising messages using text, logos, animations, videos and photographs. Display ads are used to target audience with particular traits. Such ads use cookies, which identify specific computers. Cookies can track which website a computer browses through and what type of products the user is interested in.
  • Web Banner Advertising: These are typically graphic advertisements displayed within a web page. Banner advertisements may use a media to incorporate various videos, animation, buttons, forms and other programs.
  • Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders: A pop-up advertisement is displayed above a website whenever a user opens a new browser window. A pop-under advertisement is similar to a pop-up in which the ad is displayed under the website.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is that form of online advertising where creation, sharing and publishing of content is required in order to acquire and retain customers. this type of advertisements include articles, blogs, e-books and case studies which provides useful information to the user.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing involves of commercial promotion displayed through social media websites such as facebook, twitter and linkedin. Many companies increase their promotion by offering special offers and frequently updating their products on such sites.
  • Online Classifieds: Online classifieds can be posted in a categorical list of specific products. Examples of such online classifieds are Online Real Estate Listings such as, online yellow pages and online job boards.

As a large part of the population is exposed to internet nowadays, Online Marketing has become a popular strategy of companies to promote their brands. Internet has become the most powerful media for manufacturers to introduce their brands to potential customers and reach the target audience. Firms spend a huge amount to promote their advertisements in social media and social networking sites.

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