Medical TourismMega sized-malls and local beaches have long been tourist attractions enticing millions to come and have a taste of true aesthetic beauty. Goes without saying that, this cluster of seven well-woven emirates have every source of leisure and recreation, for those flocking from various corners of the world.

However, an interesting fact to notice over here is that apart from tourists coming to spend their holidays travelling across various emirates, people have considered the country to be a reliable source for medical facilities as well. With hospitals all over the UAE coming up with advanced surgeries and the regime introducing norms to ease out the entry of such tourists, medical tourism seems to be on an all-time high in this exotic Arab land. Quite evident by the fact that the NMC running 12 clinics and hospitals across the emirates, has decided to take up surgeries that are minimally invasive like bariatric surgery for obesity, keyhole surgery for the patients of Hernia and varicose vein treatment in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain.

An astonishing fact indeed but the number of medical tourists to the UAE have been increasing in huge numbers. The number was up to a mammoth amount of 135,000 during 2014, with figures expected to reach 150,000 by the time this year ends.

Dubai for that matter of fact is looking forward to host medical tourists in the order-500,000 every year, by the end of this decade. Although, a difficult target to hit, but analysts seem quite hopeful, given the steps taken click right to reverse the trend of patients going abroad for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Dubai Gone Berserk

As a part of the plan, Dubai is all set to build nearly 22 hospitals to boost the economy to up to Dh 2.6 billion by 2020. As a part of the emirate’s plan to become the hub for medical tourism in the gulf, it is all set to hire staff in heaps, alongside offering a multitude of new visas. This is majorly constituted within the medical tourism strategy to be executed until 2016, and till 2020 after that. While the private medical institutes are being designed to target medical tourists from Commonwealth nations like Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and those from South Asia, every tourists will be offered a new visa with immense options for travelling and accommodation. Moreover, every hospital falling within the jurisdiction of DHA will be rated on a scale from one to five, depending on the quality of services they provide, over the period of next two years.

Abu Dhabi Next in the Queue

While Dubai seems to make immense progress towards expanding its medical tourism industry all across the globe, Abu Dhabi is in no mood to let go. The international hospitals in the emirate are building facilities to make their presence noticeable. For instance, Parkway Pantai- based in Singapore manages Danat Al Emarat Women and Children’s hospital in the emirate. This has not only pushed for a boost in employment opportunities in the medical sector, but has created a huge number of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Owing to the same, the pharmaceutical industry all across the country has seen immense growth, making it the second largest in the world. Although, it sounds a general fact, considering that the UAE has recorded the highest per capita annual sales on medicines, all across the GCC, for 3 years consecutively.

The UAE not only has immense potential for proliferating it’s medical tourism industry, but has plenty in store for those who’re searching for career opportunities in the region. All you need is to keep trying with the right approach in head, rest will fall in place by itself.

Anshuman Kukreti
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