UAE Government and Tax Rules

Tax on income varies from country to country. As far as UAE is concerned, tax rates are either meager or no tax at all for several walks of life. There are several areas where tax relaxation can be enjoyed by individuals as well as organizations. Even commercial taxes are found to be comparatively less in UAE than in other countries.

More Tax Benefits for Individuals working in UAE

Working people and residents of UAE and Dubai can enjoy huge advantage in buying residential properties if they buy resale property in Dubai. Except 2% of registration charge which they need to pay to incur the process there is no additional amount will be asked in the name of tax.

Tax Limitations on Property in different parts of UAE

Abu Dhabi 5 to 10% of tax will be charged on commercial property over the annual rent received by the owner. In Dubai 5 to 15% of tax will be charged in accordance with the income status of the tenant.

Link between Rental Property Tax and Employment

In Dubai rental property tax varies depending on different living circumstances and employment status. People working in banking sector and residing in Dubai have to bear 15% as tax from the annual rent.


Common Tax for All residential Properties

All kinds of residential properties in Emirates will be charged annual property tax which will have to be paid at Dubai Municipality. This is common for all however, while considering the duty on rental property in UAE and Dubai is less burdensome. In addition to that Emirates is a favorable place for employees who can find more scope for savings.

Rental Property Duty

 5 percent of tax is charged upon residential properties that are let for rental. Commercial properties including office constructions, restaurants, hotels, shopping premises and all kinds of entertainment buildings will be charged 10 percent of tax on the overall value of the property.

Property and Income Tax for People from Different Nations

UAE is often identified as a tax free nation since residents of the same nation who have been residing or occupying indigenous property for more than 2 years of time need not have to worry about tax regulations. However, payable tax amount also varies for people from different countries depending upon their residence permit.

Tips to Manage Tax

For selling your property the best thing would be to check from the respective department the percentage of tax that you are eligible to pay, the kind of property, income from the property on yearly basis, nationality and residence permit details, etc. This would keep you on safe side of selling your property.


Finding Resourceful Links to Sell Dubai Property

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Managing tax rules for resale and first hand property is very simple in Dubai and UAE. When comparing to tax rules of other countries, Dubai tax rules are found to be favorable and less.

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