The strategic location of the United Arab Emirates has presented an extremely favorable center for retail trade.UAE is located on the gulf of Persia is at the midpoint of Africa, Europe and the Middle East and has emerged as a center  for trade.  Assisted by the government’s incentives to develop trade, various high profit business opportunities have emerged. Among the businesses that have grown phenomenally has been the automotive industry. Some of the factors that have favored this business are easy of transport of goods through the sea and high technological status. It has become re known for the wide variety of models available.

UAE – Great Automobile Market for the Renowned Global Car Companies

Dubai city in the UAE has a population of approximately 5 million, with the population using vehicles being approximately 2.5 million. This is half of the total population translating to very high vehicle sales. This is one of the main factors contributing to high demand for cars in Dubai. The process of investing in a dealership in the UAE is relatively easy with the government requiring the investors to only to have a local agent with whom to distribute their vehicles.

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This has been a great incentive for many big and established vehicle dealers who prefer to have UAE as their preferred out let. Virtually all the major make of cars have their outlets in Dubai. The availability of refurbished used cars including the branded types has made the business highly profitable.

Dubai – International Marketing Hub for Automobile Industry

A well laid out investor’s attraction policy, infrastructure, location and even the reduced costs of operation in Dubai city has promoted this business. Apart from the automotive market, car parts are also directed to Dubai for resale making it easier for the vehicle customers to access the spare parts. Used luxury cars for sale in Dubai are also readily available in reconditioned state. The process of purchase of cars has also been made relatively easier due presence of online vehicle classified shops that allow the customer to view the features and the condition of the car before purchase.

Used Branded Cars at a Cheap Rate in UAE

The availability of online vehicle showrooms has opened up the vehicle business further with online sales increasing every day. Vehicle companies have established major dealerships for vehicles and are able to offer vehicles at relatively lower rates due to reduced costs of business in the emirates. Cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have well established distribution channels making the process of purchase and delivery fast and efficient. The friendly environment and availability of good accommodation and technical expertise have contributed to the growth of this business. Get the best range of used branded cars at cheap rate in UAE, here at –


The used car retail business continues to grow rapidly in the United Arab Emirates. This has been due to various factors specific to the UAE such as the investor friendly process of starting the business, highly developed infrastructure, availability of low cost as well as medium class residential areas and even high class information technology systems. Online businesses such as online vehicle shops have also promoted the vehicles industry by creating online show houses therefore extending their reach.

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