Qatar for sure is a country worth giving every effort to have a work life in. Apart from being the wealthiest nation on the planet, there are a multitude of reasons to hop on the next flight to this exotic Gulf nation. Right from the most free lifestyle to enjoy, to the likes of a hospitable culture throughout the country coupled with a plethora of other benefits, there’s plenty that vouches for a comfortable and lucrative professional life in the country.

However, in addition to a multitude of lucrative employment opportunities, there’s much you need to explore about Qatar, still. But, before moving any further, it’s quite imperative to consider the financial aspect too. Being a wealthy country, Qatar gives all the opportunities to pull your wagon towards riches, provided that you manage money perfectly. Hence, the discussion to follow will build on the same line of thought and provide you an insight regarding your finances in Qatar.

Your Cost of accommodation in Qatar

The property prices in Qatar, depend on the location and kind of property, essentially. Considering the fact that it’ll be a rented housing you’ll be going for, to break the ice, prices are a wee-bit high for expat accommodation. Nevertheless, it can be managed easily. A multitude of employers in the country do provide for housing allowance (either on a monthly or a lump-sum basis) and others provide perks in the form of shipping allowance to bring your household goods to the country. It might be quite significant for you to avail, considering the fact that items like furniture, electronics and other home accessories are frantically expensive in the country.

How much will your healthcare cost?

As quite a public fact, healthcare services in Qatar are generally of a high standard. Having gained the residency permit, you’ll be having a complete access to the public health service that will be quite reasonably and modestly priced for all expat workers. Plus, also note that there are high chances for your employer to include these services in your pay package. If not, then you can also avail the highly subsidized dental and health care with Hamad Medical Corporation, by getting done with your Hamad card (costing around 100 QAR).

What About Food and Clothing?

Like many of its neighboring countries, due to geographical constraints, Qatar imports a majority of its food products from around the globe. Hence, you might find familiar brands, but they’ll be a tad bit high priced than the local equivalents. You might have the luxury to avail dairy products, meat and organic produce, but with a price to pay. Although local fruits, vegetables and a wide variety of fishes are quite reasonable to be bought, things like Qatari flat bread will easily fall under your budget.

As far as clothing is concerned, you can find a huge array of department stores and malls, with a broad spectrum of clothing material to offer. Refrain from going for high-profile labels, as they are any day expensive in Qatar than any other country on the globe.

Yes, the discussion above surely has validated the fact that Qatar is not only a wealthy but equally expensive country to live in. Nevertheless, money management here isn’t an issue, as long as a proper drill is adhered to. Qatar has plenty in store for all job seekers, it’s just the right timing you need.

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the emirates job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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