Dubai being a city located in the Persian Gulf has gone through exceptional transformation in the recent years. The development strategies adopted by the government has seen it change from an economy dependent on pearl fishing to one that has hit the number one spot in trade, tourism, real estate and even finance. This has been enabled by sound management of the available oil whose revenues has gone into infrastructure.

The economic development has led to emergence of supporting sectors such as the information technology sector. Since inception of the telecommunications regulatory authority of the UAE, there has been tremendous growth in information technology. This body is responsible for the ICT planning, technologies, and the radio and frequencies regulation.

Dubai – an Enlarging IT Hub

One of the key projects promoting the information technology sector has been the ICT fund which was set up to assist emerging companies in the sector. Technology trained professionals continue to be high in demand as more and more companies win various projects within the city. This has led to a soaring and urgent need for the talent to handle the rising workload. The E commerce sector has an estimated growth of up to 300 percent annually therefore driving this need.

The explosive growth of the IT sector offers thousands of IT jobs in Dubai every year. These jobs range from programming, web design and development such as JAVA programmers, data management and internet related jobs. The shift of most organizations to cloud computing has also raised the need for expatriates and more so due to security related issues of programming.

How to Find IT Jobs in Dubai as a Fresher

Finding a job can be a challenge for a beginner who may have no experience to boast of even after completion of their studies. Sending applications may also yield results but my take a longer time. The best and most effective option has been through the internet. Various organizations web pages currently include a career section on their pages giving indication as to the availability of opportunities.

How Online IT Classifieds Are Helpful In Searching Jobs

Online classifieds have currently been at the forefront in the job search market. These are websites specializing in listing the various available jobs as well as products on sale. For the purposes of easier placements, these online classifieds will require the potential candidate to register or upload their resume on their database and any matching jobs are easily communicated to the candidates. Visit at –

For a beginner this is the best opportunity to get a placement and especially in IT where even the interview process may be online.


The rapid development of Dubai city has seen a great surge in demand for professionals in various sectors. Among these sectors has been the information and technology sector. Some of the jobs in high demand include web development jobs, data management jobs, programming jobs and even internet related jobs. Online classifieds have presented great opportunities for beginners to get jobs primarily due to their ease of access.

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