Factors Influencing Tourism over Infrastructure

The legend behind UAE’s popularity among the tourists favors back to several reasons. There has been remarkable transformation of UAE from being a Gulf nation to one of the top tourist’s locations of the globe. On the other hand, apart from people visiting as a tourist destination, Emirates is now the hot spot for career prospects and subsequent comfortable living. However, contribution of tourism and development had been a strong influence in encouraging infrastructure development. Though accessibility aspects cannot be estimated less than the other developed countries, majority of the guests who visit UAE as a tourist recommend this destination as their favorite spot because of the unbeatable architectural excellence.

dubai2Justifiable Factors Favoring Increasing Visitor’s Flow in Emirates

  • Advanced means of communication.
  • Easy accessibility through Air ways linking almost all the important cities in the world.
  • Comparatively lesser in economic perspectives.
  • Excellent transport facility to roam around.
  • Unbelievable shopping experience.
  • World’s competitive shopping malls.
  • Spell bounding hotel architecture, etc.

A Statistical Analysis into the Tourists Inflow

While analyzing the Tourism development in UAE since 2005 till now there is significant growth in the number of visitors preferring this location to be one of their top choices. 2012 Statistical reports say that Saudi Arabia leads the role in top 20 with nearly 272631 guests which was higher than 207774 guests in UK and 174922 guests in US and the list goes on. Mr. Ghassan Al Aridi , CEO of Alpha Tours talks about the higher category of attractions in view with Expo 2020. According to him UAE has transformed into a mega entertainment and tourist destination for its world-class infrastructure, unbelievable shopping experience, etc with proactive government support.

dubai-statsSupportive Initiations Provided by UAE Government

dubai-GCCUAE Government has been initiating over several ways to encourage infrastructure sector. This is one of the most obvious reasons which show how Government supports to attract tourists inflow into the nation. When we get deeper into the infrastructural aspects, hotels and shopping malls, residential projects, educational institutions and property in Dubai are among the lead. In a recent Travel and Tourism Competitive Report released by WEF (World Economic Forum) UAE has been selected as the world’s best nation for its infrastructure, and rated second for quality of roads and then rated third for air transport.

Influencing Tourist Impact on Residential Projects

dubai4Residential buildings in Emirates are not to be less estimated in terms of quality, structure and excellence. Many tourists who think of becoming expats in view of the available career opportunities are also attracted towards the reasonable rentals property available in Dubai or near by location. There are apartments for rent in Dubai for guests to make a long vacation.  Search options have become quiet easier for guests to book a rental property in UAE while they plan for a trip covering all the important locations. Thereby tourists are attracted towards architecture and Government further encourages more features in infrastructure.

UAE has now become one of the top nations in the world attracting tourists from all over the world. Infrastructure is one of the main reasons that favor guests to choose this destination. The role of UAE Government in encouraging construction sector in view of developing the nation’s tourism as well as economic perspective also has major contribution to influence tourism.

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