When it comes to a recruitment process, the final say is always with the employer and not the candidate. Thus, they are considered to be at a superior position. However, there is another side to this coin, which puts the candidate on a higher podium. When you post a Career Job Offer on a portal, you are also competing with several others in the domain to get noticed by the candidates. So, we bring you some tips to design your ads so that when candidates Search for Jobs in UAE, they apply with your company first.

Relevant Title: Putting the exact Job Title on the headline is very important if you want the right candidates to apply. For instance, if you wish to hire a Web Developer who is skilled in Java, you can consider writing Java Developer in your ad rather than the complete phrase. It is both short and to-the-point.

Brief Introduction: Just like recruiters skim through the candidate profiles, so do the candidates when they Search for Jobs in UAE. So begin with a brief company profile that positions you as a brand; long descriptions are not only skipped but can also put off a reader. Mention less of your company history and more of selling points that will be of interest for the candidates.

Clear Job Description: Broadly but clearly give the Job Description. Roles & responsibilities, expected remuneration, experience and qualification required should be mentioned in points for ease of reading.

Are your jobs offers intimidating? This is true for many ads where the companies trying to sound sincere end up sounding scary. When you are mentioning about the company or about the job, ensure to use an easy-going tone that does not make the candidate tensed even before approaching you.

We all have read studies that talk about the time taken by recruiters to skim through resumes but how often do we think of the time candidates invest on seeing a job ad? So start thinking from this new perspective and don’t ignore the aforementioned tips if you want to draw more candidates.

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