Online markets are awash with Classified Ads for Properties and given the design limitation of portals where you would be posting them, it can be a bit challenging to attract your potential buyers. So, what can you do to get your ad clicked amongst all the other options? We bring the answer for you…

Give a catchy heading: Just like in the case of other advertisements, attention-grabbing headlines work for these ads as well. As a reader, we all just skim through the listings, reading only the initials. Try to keep it short and yet tell about all the major features in one go.

Writing the body text: In an Online Classified Ad you have a good deal of space but do not waste it. As all the fundamentals would be already listed in pointers above, use the description space wisely for telling about the highlighted features of your property, such as its location, facing, Vastu aspects etc.

Call to action: Your purpose of posting the ad is not just to tell people about it; it is to make them enquire about it and eventually purchase. Use small phrases or sentences to invite them for taking action. For instance, the last sentence can be ‘For more details, contact us’ or ‘call us’ etc.

Language modifications: Add a touch of flowery language but do not overdo it while describing your Property for Sale in UAE. Keep the use of abbreviations moderate and use only highly recognizable ones like BHK.

Attractive images: The biggest advantage of online classifieds is that you get to put in pictures as well. Use a phone camera with good picture quality or take images from a professional camera to show your property as an attractive place.

A major benefit of posting a Classified for Property is that your visitors are already looking for something similar to what you are selling. If used properly, these ads can get you major benefits without calling for much investment.

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