The equation is simple: hard work + loyalty = success + riches

You are trying to make your dream real. After listening to the benefits of working and living in the Middle East, you must have started an extensive research of job openings in any of those privileged countries. After browsing through almost all the job portals and talking to the recruitment agencies for openings, documents etc., you must be now ready to start working in the Middle East. This article is aimed at helping you become sheikh like even when you are an expat. Let’s find out how.

Sheikh-a-like while being an expat

Irrespective of what your educational background, area of work is, if you don’t belong to the Middle East or the GCC countries, the calling of Middle East can become impossible to ignore at times.Whether it’s the tax free living, a high pay or the alluring Sheikh life, Middle East is a dream of everyone who wishes to be the heart of Arabian nights and hopes to become a Sheikh someday.

With Dubai becoming excessively crowded, countries like Bahrain, Kuwait and some cities like Abu Dhabi etc have made it to the list of jobseekers. However, growing number of expats has not restricted other people from wanting to become an expat in the Middle East.Here are the steps of how to make your dream come true:


The wish of living a sheikh life might seem distant, but is not at all difficult to fulfill. All you need to do as an expat is find your calling and follow it with a 100% dedication, because there is no shortcut to success. The process is explained in a wee more detail below:


Know your calling

While Middle Eastern locations like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi etc. offers something for everybody, having a clear view of in which field you see yourself after 5 years is a good start. Use your educational qualification, passion or hobbies to make this decision. Be sure of your calling before you start applying aimlessly in every job opening.


Start applyingJob Openings in Abu Dhabi

Now that you must have got a fair idea of what people want to know you as, start applying to openings. This is the most crucial decision you can ever take in your career. Rely on a job portal website or recruitment agency that focuses specifically on the GCC and/or Middle Eastern areas. Type in Job Openings in Abu Dhabi in your search engine or reliable job portals and you will find a list of openings in those places. Apply in as much as you can.


Get a job

Once that you have applied to various jobs through portals, it’s only a matter of time that you will start getting interview calls, and it’s only a matter of interviews that will land you a job in your dream location. Know all aspects of your company, job role and industry before your first day.


Don’t let culture shock electrocute you

Culture shock is one thing that is bound to happen, but don’t let it take the best of you. Try to adapt your colleagues’ way of working, interactions etc in a short frame of time. Never in your tenure make them feel that you are not one of them. Remember that irrespective of what location you are based in, no one really likes someone who can’t adjust. So, don’t let something like culture differences delay your professional growth.


Come up with ideas

It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company, always come up with ideas and solutions to better the company name in the industry. Remember; never come up with a problem sans solution. When you come up with ideas on how to fish profits for your company, the chances of your contract being renewed increases.


Maintain the job

Professional growth = more salary = more riches = Sheikh-a-like. But for this equation to work, you need to be able to keep your job, for that you need only two things, i.e. hard work plus loyalty. You need to have the right mix of both these things in order to continue working in the Middle Eastand hence your dream.

Also, even though Middle East seems like an ideal place to work, the employment rules are pretty difficult and strict. If you be disloyal or go against company’s interest, the consequences will be dangerous. So never attempt doing that ever.

The steps mentioned above, although may seem naïve but are the only way to make it big in a country or city where the number of expats are continuously growing every day, making jobs in Abu Dhabi and Work opportunities in Bahrain very difficult to maintain. There is no shortcut to success, even if there was what’s the fun in becoming rich when you haven’t earned it? So follow these and witness a life of splendid luxury both for yourself and the various generations to come.

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