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Dubai is the largest and the most populous city in the UAE. The city offers a luxurious lifestyle, an exciting nightlife, great travel opportunities, and lucrative career prospects. All these factors make it a popular job destination among job seekers from around the world. Being one of the wealthiest cities in the Middle East, Dubai traditionally relied on its oil and gas sector for economic prosperity which meant that the employment prospects earlier were limited. However, over the years, the city has transformed itself into a diverse economy offering great employment prospects across various sectors with education being one of them.

The education sector of Dubai is the hottest sectors for employment among professionals. Each year, teachers from all across the world come to Dubai with aspirations of making a great teaching career for themselves. However, expat teachers often find it difficult to advance their career and grow as professionals in the city. If you are facing a similar challenge in your career, here are a few tips to your rescue:

  1. Decide upon your ultimate career goal:

Having a long-term career goal is essential for keeping yourself focused on your professional growth. To set a goal, firstly, ask yourself some trivial question. For example –

–          Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

–          What type of jobs in the education sector interest you?

Doing this mental exercise will help you make a concrete career plan. It will put you face to face with the reality. You will know what your strengths are as well as the weaknesses and shortcomings that need work on your part.

  1. Embrace the multi-cultural environment:

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Expat teachers usually take some time in understanding and adapting to the Arab culture. Moreover, due to the multi-cultural staff and student base, they find it even more challenging to give their best. Sadly, there is no other alternative than putting in the effort to understand each student and colleague with an open mind. Doing so will definitely improve your teaching methods and interactions with the staff members which is important for your career growth.

  1. Take charge of your own professional development:

Most schools and educational institutions offer professional development opportunities to its staff. However, you will find that most times these opportunities will be given to the Emirati staff. Thus, it is important to take charge of your own professional development. Attend conferences, network with other teachers and professionals from the teaching industry, and learn from their experiences.  Also, there are many certification courses for teachers that you can consider taking up. Doing so will help you gain knowledge and stay updated with what’s new in the industry.

  1. Build professional relationships:

Knowledge and skills are important for your career growth.  Being good at teaching a subject or the way you handle a class is not enough. There are many other roles outside the teaching domain that are waiting for you to be explored. To gain knowledge about additional domains you must interact and build solid professional relationships with colleagues from different departments. They will help you learn new things and gain a broader perspective of what all goes into successfully running an educational institution.

Just like any other career, meticulous planning and execution are necessary for taking your teaching career to new heights in Dubai. Hope these tips will help you in your endeavors.

All the best!

Happy Oforoing 🙂 ..

By Megha Raizada – professional writer working with the premium job portal

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