The Dubai investment park is one of the major high technology projects in the emirates. It has opened up a completely new frontier of business opportunities that traders and entrepreneurs can invest in and derive great returns. The strategic location between the airport and important business districts is one of the main factors that have promoted the development.

Factors to Consider In Setting Business in Dubai

Business sponsorship; While setting up the business as foreigner, you may consider having a local national as your sponsor. This means you can be issued with a professional license for operation. The authorities require that the local has a 51% stake in the business. This way, you can be able to set up the business in any suitable location.

Location; it is critical to select a suitable location for the business. Fast moving consumer goods require locations closer to where customers are situated and are best kept in the city. For small scale enterprises it is critical to get the tenancy contract. Other related considerations include amenities like communication systems, storage and the operating space or floor area.

Foreigner requirements; If you are in this situation, it is imperative to be sure of your visa requirements and your eligibility for the visa. It is important to have permits allowing you to live in the Emirates. One important fact to note is that business Visa in Dubai is rather easy to get due to the promotion as a business hub. Where the business has a sponsor, then they can help you speedily acquire a visa.

Registration assistance; to avoid many complications in dealing with the local government; it is also advisable to get assistance from company registration agents. These agents have good knowledge in setting up of companies and will help through the documentation, planning and execution.

Great Business Opportunities in the Dubai Investment Park

Factors Favoring Business Growth in Dubai

Key growth sectors that are ideal for business in Dubai include;

  • The real estate sector; All businesses supporting the real estate are highly successful because the sector is a major income earner for the country. These businesses include architecture firms, building and construction, real estate developments and rentals.

The green community is one of the areas you should be looking to Invest on real estate due to its current potential.

  • Tours and travel operations: The Dubai city and environs such as the business bay, Dubai silicon oasis, downtown Dubai and the Arabian ranches are great business and tourist attractions and the city has cut itself out well as a transit city for travelers in the continent.
  • Entertainment spots; These are favorite for people who have come to the city for business as well as tourism. Entertainment offers great relaxation time for both the working people and entrepreneurs.
  • Trade and merchandise: The city policy offers great incentives for business. United Arab Emirates offers zero taxes on capital gains, personal, cooperate and wealth gains thus a very friendly business environment.
  • Employment agencies; The high number of projects and developments going on such as in the Jumeirah village triangle, have created huge demand for highly skilled labor as well as unskilled labor. A business that links employers and potential employees can be very succesful.

Business opportunities are increasing every day in the emirates. The construction of the Dubai investment park for residential and business setups has created new frontiers for investments to cater for residents as well as businesses to support the existing entrepreneurs.

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