The availability of used cars for sale has enhanced vehicle ownership. Cars originally thought to belong to a select few are now available for people to buy. This is primarily due to affordability and price reduction of used vehicles despite the vehicles being relatively new.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Used Vehicle

Buying a used car prevents several challenges and it is important for the consumer to be cautious so as not to end up with a poor quality product. Some of the most important considerations include;

  • Verify the condition of the vehicle: A thorough check of the condition of the vehicle is important. This includes checking any leakages in the system, level of transmission fluid, and even the condition of the transmission system.
  • The appearance of the tires; this goes in line with the reading on the odometer. If the vehicle has covered no more than 25000 kilometers then the tyres still have useful tread. New tyres fitted or bald tyres could show that the odometer has been manipulated.
  • The condition of the suspension should have been tested by pulling or pushing on each tire position and listen for excessive play.
  • The interior of the vehicle such as the seats should not be sagging or misshaped. The seat belts should be also fully functional.
  • Test-driving the vehicle is also important to check vehicle performance such as brakes, engine performance, steering wheel system, exhaust and even smooth running of the car.
  • Always consult a professional mechanic for a deeper examination of the vehicle condition.

Process of Purchasing A Vehicle From The UAE

The process of purchasing a vehicle from the emirates is relatively easy due to the large variety available and the excellent customer service in the country.

The process involves having the vehicle registered by the vehicle registration department and changes of ownership done. An application form is filled and an insurance certificate issued. In case of used cars a certificate of no objection is needed.

For buyers intending to import vehicles from Dubai or the UAE in general, special advisors are available who offer these services, making the process easy and cost effective.

Where to Find Used Cars in Dubai

Available used cars for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and their availability has been promoted more by classified websites, which avail most of the information required on the condition of the vehicle.

Show rooms are also good places for purchasing vehicles and due to the wide variety of makes and models available, you will easily get the vehicle of your choice.


Purchasing a used vehicle provides a better option for owning your dream car due to their cost effectiveness and high quality available. Caution is however required to ensure that you get value for money.

A thorough check on the condition of the vehicle must be done to estimate the age and condition of the vehicle parts. A test drive is also important to ascertain the performance of the engine. Due to the technical nature of vehicle inspection, it is important to seek services of a professional technician.

Used cars are available in various show rooms as well as vehicle classified websites.

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