The Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in the Globe

The craze for luxury cars is a never ending trend in the world. Even the top car manufacturers bring out more and more luxury features to enhance driving and travelling experience of the users. On the other hand, competence for more improved mechanism and newer technical specifications remain top strategies to reach top position in the global market. Based on these factors the following brands have been listed out as top throughout the world they are,

  • Porsche-One of the top sports car brands that stays in top in the list for the spectacular luxury features.
  • Jaguar-For excellent interiors
  • Mercedes Benz –For its sophistication and the list goes one.

However, how many of us can afford you buy one among them is still unanswerable due to expensive price.


Audi-Attracting the attention of Posh Car Lovers

Audi is yet another brand featured with luxury aspects like other top branded cars. Though it might not appear in the list, yet it is one of the expensive car brands. Buying such a branded car at a relatively less press is one of the best ways to own a branded car. It is one among the cheaper luxury cars when compared to other posh cars and stays an efficient car choice for car lovers. Finding one of the latest models of Audi R8 GT V10 for resale in Dubai will stay favorable for the following reasons

  • One of the best brands that has the capacity of 525 horseshoe power
  • Provided with torque at 6500 rotations per minute
  • Can travel up to 60 mph per 3.4 seconds and so one.

Dubai-More Favorable reasons for buying cars

  • Dubai is popular location that is known for resale of luxury cars. If you are a sophisticated car lover you can find your favorite branded car for resale sold at comparatively very less price however, maintained in good condition.
  • Dubai allows for Tax-free car purchase
  • Cars are available at affordable price
  • In most of the countries where additional VAT is laid for luxury cars, Dubai is the only nation where buying the most expensive car will not add on more additional expense
  • High demand cars available at excellent resale value
  • More opportunities for domestic markets to take over car reselling
  • Many owners take care of their luxury vehicles in good condition and when they sell they get good resale value and it is certainly a profitable purchase for the buyer.

Dealers Choose Classifieds Websites in UAE to attract more reliable business opportunities

Business classifieds website has been gaining more attention in UAE. Many of the car dealers and car owners choose classifieds link as an excellent resource to let their buying and selling requirements explained clearly for the viewers. Oforo is one of the UAE based classifieds website that remains a resourceful platform for freely advertising buying and selling requisites. Our classifieds for buying and selling used cars for sale in UAE, Dubai and many locations in and around offers static results for dealers and buyers. People find it easier to know if their favorite model car is available for resale in nearby locations.


Getting a branded car with many luxury features might be unimaginable for many, however, they can find cars for resale at classifieds website at an unimaginable price.

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