Do you find yourself gazing the sky and aiming for a promising career that allows you to meet your passion for flying or travelling the world? If yes, a career in the aviation industry is the perfect answer for all your career aspirations. There is no dearth of career avenues in this industry that relate to either flying or mechanics of aviation.









Here is what some of the popular careers offer in this diverse industry:

Ground Crew:

There is always an uptick in the demand for ground crew or “front-line” staff. This job role plays a crucial role in managing a range of aviation services such as aircraft maintenance, fueling and parking aircraft, aircraft rental and customer service. Though there is no specific qualification required for the ground crew position, but important skills such as computer knowledge and multitasking are preferred by employers.


Pilot job is one of the most reputable and highly paid jobs in the aviation sector. Pilots are responsible for the safe flight of aircrafts in all weather conditions. A pilot job involves requisite certification, education, license and on-the-job training for handling different types of aircraft. As per, the average annual salary for an airline pilot is $ 101,339. These professionals must be physically fit and mentally alert to perform the challenging job.

Flight Attendants:

There has been a noticeable increase in the demand for flight attendants in corporate and commercial aviation companies. These professionals look after the safety and comfort of all passengers in the airplane. Some of the key duties performed by flight attendants include serving meals and beverages on flights, handling complaints, provide safety overviews, making announcements, and assisting passengers with their luggage. Flight attendants get training for handling any emergency situations such as medical requirements, emergence landing and aircraft evacuation. Most of the airlines look for specific training, education, height and weight requirements for hiring flight attendants, who have to work on airplanes and travel on a daily basis.

Air Traffic Controller:

Air traffic controller is one of the most sought after aviation jobs by job seekers having an associate’s degree. It is one of the best-paying jobs that involves working in a high-pressure environment for directing the flow of air traffic. These professionals must be quick in making decisions and implementing emergency procedures. Some of the key duties include issuing takeoff and landing instructions, coordinating with pilots, handling emergencies, and ensuring the overall safety.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager:

 This job requires the knack for leading a huge team and excellent technical skills. An aircraft maintenance manager is responsible for monitoring the regulatory guidelines for aircraft maintenance. These professionals hire and train a team of technicians and other employees for performing maintenance regularly.

Aviation Safety Inspector:

Aviation safety inspectors play a crucial role in managing the operations of aircraft. These professionals are responsible for evaluating training programs, inspecting the aircraft and its equipment for safety flights, and monitoring operational programs for air carriers. An associate’s degree is the basic requirement for seeking a job as an aviation inspector.

Apart from these jobs, several other promising aviation jobs are available that one can take up as per the eligibility criteria and career goal. Some of them include Aerospace Project Engineer, Air Marshal, Aircraft Loadmaster, and Flight Instructor. When such exciting jobs are waiting for you in the aviation sector, it’s time to get ready and grab the right career opportunity now!

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