used cars in DubaiThe used cars market and demand continues to grow rapidly. Any vehicle purchased after covering some mileage however little qualifies as a used car. Statistics have shown that used car sales outdo the new car sales by almost three times the value of the new cars. This is due to the strategic advantages that arise from the purchase and the use of used cars.

Importance of used cars

  • Affordability; the main advantage of used cars is their reduced price. Despite some of the used cars being almost new, they come at a much reduced price compared to a new car of the same model. If using the financing option for a new car, the financier will require at least a 10% down payment, followed by the high cost loan repayment for the same car using the monthly installments.

  • Availability of various types and varieties to choose from .Virtually all makes of cars will be available for resale thereby making the process of selling used cars a successful venture.

  • If the mileage has not gone very far i.e. around 2000 – 5000 kilometers then the appropriate clearances have already formed in the engine and the car is likely to achieve high performance.

  • Provision of test runs on the car before purchase to ensure purchase of a good quality vehicle. The performance history can also be tracked before purchase.

  • Cost savings on insurance covers.

  • In the recent times, car manufacturers are reselling used cars which are company certified; this gives the buyer an advantage due to warranty offers. To know about the best place to find the used cars, visit –

Factors to consider before buying used cars

  • Create a budget allocation for the car considering the running costs, maintenance costs and transfer costs associated with running the car.

  • Research on the type of vehicle that you intend to buy, parts availability and even maintenance issues.

  • While contacting the seller, gather as much information as possible that would guide you on the condition of the car. Such as the age of the car, previous use, mileage and even the nature of the seller.

  • Observe the physical condition of the car before making a decision.

  • Test drive if possible to get the feel of driving the car.

  • If all conditions are okay you may proceed to purchase the car.

Where to get used cars in Dubaicars in Dubai

There are various places where used cars in Dubai available for sale. The importance of classifieds websites in the used cars market cannot be underestimated .This is because they present the first stop for buyers. They give the preliminary information which generates the buyer’s interest which is critical for a sale. One of vehicle classifieds websites include The Dubai market provides a huge variety of used car vehicles and has good quality vehicles.


Used cars are the better alternative for people wishing to acquire a vehicle. They are affordable, lower insurance charges, wide variety to choose from and may offer better value for money in the long run. It is critical to conduct a thorough check on the history of the car before undertaking the purchase. A wide variety of used cars are available in Dubai and online classifieds play a critical role in offering used cars for sale.

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