Mahatma Gadhi once said that “live life as if you will die tomorrow and learn as if you will live forever”. The comfort, joy and pleasurable moments of life are all achieved when one has a successful holiday. Jumeirah Beach Residency, popularly referred to as JBR offers one in a life time opportunity for one to enjoy life at cost effective prices.

The residency is located at the end of Dubai Marina. It is a popular site frequented by world class celebrities, artists, politicians and royal family. This place is renowned for luxury, affordable holidays and high class service. JBR comprises of 1.7 Km and 2 square kilometer space comprising of luxury apartments, hotels, beach and residential region.


Luxurious and romantic walk

One of the distinguishing features of this place is the long beach. Residents and visitors are treated to a spectacular and long seashore that play host to many activities such as romantic walks, beach sports, sun bathing,  water sports, swimming and spectacular views.


JBR luxury apartments

This region is famous for spacious, clean, convenient apartment that are located near the sea.  In total, the area has 40 towers; 35 of these are residential while 5 accommodate hotels.  The residential areas can house about 15000 people. The large spacious houses are suitable for families and large groups. In addition, the apartments are suitably located at the far end which is quiet and away from the busy town life.

The close proximity between the apartment and the sea enables families and groups to stay near the seashore and maximize their activities and fun. When in the apartments, individuals can enjoy the spectacular view of the Persian Gulf.

These apartments were carefully planned and well constructed from 2002 to 2010. They have round the clock security and ample underground parking space.

Stay at the luxurious JBR Hotels

The area has world class five and four star hotels. They offer spacious and luxurious rooms to visitors at cost effective prices. Their close proximity to the water makes them attractive to tourist as they are just a few minutes to great fun.  People staying in are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the area is safe to walkabout.


Leisure shopping at JBR retail complex

The walk is comprised of a 1.7Km strip that has a wide range of business to suit over 20,000 shoppers.  This strip has a well organized mix of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, supermarkets, stores and other businesses.

There are over 300 businesses in the walk and this makes it an attractive sport for leisure shoppers such as tourists and residents. As tourist and residents walk along the strip, they enjoy the beautiful view of the shoreline and sports cars rumbling along the main road.

High class entertainment facilities at Bluewaters Island

This is an artificial island that will comprise of restaurants, retail shops, villas, apartments in JBR, and other amenities suitable for tourists and residents.

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