So, you have done all that you can and still nothing seems to come your way; well worry no more because there are vast job opportunities waiting for you. People are getting great and rewarding opportunities in various destinations around the world and especially in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The availability of jobs in UAE exceeds labor available, but limited information is accessible, so people end up getting desperate.

Accessing available opportunities in the UAE

One of the fastest ways to jump starting your job search and career in the UAE is looking through recruitment sites. Thousands of potential employers do not necessarily advertise open positions. Job sites on the other hand are able to access this inside information and avail it to their members. You may also not have information on all relevant organizations in the country and will easily get it from employment agencies.

Government regulations and procedures on foreign nationals

After securing an appointment or interview, the next headache for a foreigner will be the government regulations on working in the country. If you had obtained a visitor visa, then you would require a provisional work permit usually valid for 3 months. People intending to work for more than six months apply for a resident Visa where by health tests are done and if certified you may start your career.

Emerging career opportunities in the Emirates

Upcoming industries in the UAE and impact to the job market

Various industries and economic sectors in the emirates have become Great avenue for employment opportunities. The emergence of UAE and Dubai as a regional business hub has prompted quick development of real estate projects and so increasing job demands such as architectural jobs, interior design, landscape architecture, landscaping and even construction. To cater for increased volume of people coming for business trips, the hospitality industry is also creating numerous opportunities for jobs in Dubai. The oil sector is also a giant employer for both locals and foreigners.

Basic entry requirements for opportunities in the UAE

For foreigners, having the required government authorization is a critical requirement to work in UAE. The job advertisers and job websites will state the required minimum qualifications, such as the education levels, and professional training required.

Where to start your job search

To access full information on jobs availability, registering in a paid job website is a good beginning. This allows you access to premium information and contacts in those industries that you are interested. A thorough analysis of the employment trends in this industry gives a better idea on complimentary courses required for those available jobs.

Dubai as a key job market

The city of Dubai has emerged as a key employer. This is due to its strategic location as a business hub in the Gulf, and the often-good remunerations offered. The living conditions are good and not too expensive for a beginner. The city also offers great holiday adventures thus promoting jobs in hotels and accommodation facilities.


The best place to start looking for a job in Dubai is from the job websites due to the vast information available from these sites. It is crucial to obtain the relevant government authorization such as work permits and Visas before beginning employment. The biggest employers include the hospitality industry, construction and real estate sectors and even the oil production sector. Thriving business has been the key factor causing increased job opportunities in the UAE.

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