Dubai is a stunning city with many beautiful sites to behold.  The city is endowed with most amazing skyline filled and is referred to as desert jewel because it stands out in the desert. The city is clad with extremely tall buildings with unique designs and their tops above the clouds. Each building has a unique design and features beautiful architecture, water fountains, ample parking and other numerous decorations and artwork.

dubai sky scrappers

Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa is the tallest man made superstructure ever constructed. It holds many world records among them, the building with most floors, the tallest skyscraper, the building with highest elevator, world longest travel by elevator, world highest restaurant and hotel, world second highest swimming pool at 76th floor among others. It is the most iconic structure in Dubai with a height of 829.8 meters and is two times taller than Empire state building and three times taller than Eiffel Tower.  It was completed in 2010 and used numerous tons of steel and concrete. It has supreme well refurbished offices for business, hotels, observation decks and rooms. It has the highest observation decks and therefore the best point to view over Dubai high-rise buildings and the town. In addition, it features superior external and internal architectural designs as well as art work which are amazing to observe. It has 57 elevators, 8 escalators, high speed lift, beautiful clad external walls, excellent grazing as well as a plethora of artwork, photographs, scriptures and paintings.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Set on Island, Burj Al Arab is perhaps the most spectacular building to observe. In addition to its height, the building is set on a reclaimed island off the coast and has a sail-shaped silhouette. It is the third tallest hotel in the world and contains a spectacular hotel with ample beach and holidaying attractions. The hotel has magnificent internal and external décor that blend with wonderful architecture, painting and other artwork.

Princess Tower

Princess Tower

This is the second tallest residential building in the world. The structure stands at 413.4m and has 101 floors and a further 6 used for parking. It is located in the Marina and therefore a wonderful place to rent or purchase a property. Worldwide, it is ranked 20th tallest structure. The building has 763 units, 957 underground parking that occupy 6 floors and has spacious residential apartments, beautiful architecture and well designed rooms.

Elite Residents

Elite Residence

This sky scrapper is located in the Marina and a wonderful site to behold as it overlooks the man made palm islands. It is 380.5 meters tall. It has about 91 floors.  Set as a residential house, the structure has 695 spacious apartments, swimming pools, leisure amenities, hotels, restaurants and gyms.

Alamas Towers

Alamas Towers

This skyscrapers stands at 360 meters tall and is located in Jumeirah lake towers. It has unique exterior design and is located on a manmade island. It has 35 high speed elevators, spacious lobbies, conference facilities and extremely good security. It is widely used in diamond and jewel exchange which require extra security.

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