UAE is widely viewed as regional financial, transport and logistics hub. The government has recent introduced regulatory measures with aim of sustaining effective control of UAE property market. These regulations have lead to recent cool rate growth and positioning rental properties market towards a more sustainable growth. The average capital has continued to increase over the number of years. The government also doesn’t tax capital gains and income and this have attracted many foreigners’ businessmen who have helped in fuelling high demand of properties. The demand is very high for property types with government investing over $40billion.

Historical Development of Rental Properties in UAE.

United Arab Emirates is well strategically located on the gulf of Persia which is at the midpoint of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  It has emerged as hub for trade. This has resulted to massive building development which has earned a lot of admiration around the word. The government goodwill such as; allowing oversees investors, encouraging oversees properties investment, attractive deals tendered to overseas investors and giving incentives. The flourishing business and commercial element have been driven by real estate market improvement. The population and employment increase has continued pressured for increase in rental properties and residential market in UAE. The recent report have shown a growing number of buyers, investors from both UAE and abroad. These developments have fuelled by availability of affordable mortgage rates of 4% and 5% which sustain real estate development.

Various Rental Properties Available in UAE.

A research has showed a high performance in development of rental properties and real estates. The strategic location of different apartments in international city and  gardens have registered a 9.9% rise. Five bedroom villas in location such as the lakes, meadows and Arabia ranches are the best performing villa. Others includes; offices, shops, and all other kinds of real estate in UAE.

Design and Construction Features of Rental Properties in UAE Real Estate Industry.

Modern designs are incorporate in construction of real estate in UAE. They have interior design such as; accessories, use of pure color like black and neutral, shade of different colors, defined lines, wood, chrome, and leather, linen and metal. Classic design which includes traditional architectural design with use ornament for decoration, huge chandelier, vases and antique statue. The design theme is widely been used in UAE; hotels, commercial offices, and official establishment.

Where to get Real Estate Companies in Construction of Rent Properties in UAE

Dubai construction companies are available online as each of them has an efficiency website. They believe in prosperity, affordability and fulfillment of client needs. They value business ethic and have mark on construction of real estate in UAE. They include; Nakheel properties, Emaar properties, Bin Dhaen Holding, Emirates SAS Aluminum and glass, ready mix concrete product based in Jabel Ali industrial among others.


With its strategic location have enabled the thriving of international business, cormercial and rental properties attracting many investors across the broad.  Rental properties are very attractive and safest option. It has attracted many investors, companies, business and trader to set up offices and other operation. A variety of Rental Properties Available UAE includes; villas, apartment, shops, offices among many others.

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