Why UAE gains more attention?

Emirates had emerged out as a leading nation with growing attractions in many areas. Among them construction business takes the lead role. When it comes to construction varieties of projects can be includes in the list starting from residential projects to industries, commercial centers, shopping malls, and in real estate circles. Dubai stands in the peak of boom creating epic changes in architecture and infrastructure. Starting from World Tallest Skyscraper Burj Khalifa to many more superlative projects, Dubai shares majority projects carrying biggest development aspects.

Ambitious Projects

In one of the recent studies published by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, construction sector in Dubai contributes of about 12.2% and grows annually at an average rate of 27%. It is one of the non-oil sectors that shares major portion of developmental aspects for the nation. This national aims to break several records over criteria of highest, longest, etc. Burj Khalifa Burj Dubai has beaten Taipei 101 with 2,684 feet.

Burj Khalifa Burj Dubai

A Look Back into the Growth History of Infrastructure

The point of extreme architecture was supposed to have begun during the latter half of 19th century with the biggest man-made port opened during 1979 at Jebel Ali in Dubai. During 1999, this nation became the centre of attraction for its first 7 star iconic hotel “Burj Al Arab” which was opened for commercial purposes. Within two decades of time there has been marvelous development in the construction sector of Emirates with spell bound architectural and infrastructural illustrations arising out making the world look at UAE with wonder.

7 star iconic hotel Burj Al Arab


Magnificence would be the first definition to explain the wonders of UAE’s architecture. Today, this nation holds its pride in reaching popularity status with the range of construction wonders that has been created within short intervals. The Government of UAE’s support and encouragement in this regard has to be admitted here as an important reason for the development.

wonders of UAE’s architecture

Structural Excellence

Structures play a major role in taking the nation to shine in the crowd. The Infinity Towers for instance is a stunning wonder with twisted structure at 90 degree angle. It is one of the must watch sights in Dubai Marina. The Wave like Jumeirah Beach Hotel is yet another accomplishment structured with nearly 20 restaurants and bars.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

World Largest Mall

Mall or shopping centre occupies one among the infrastructure contributions of a nation and Dubai leads the role with the biggest shopping mall covering 1200 retail outlets and more than 250 options to choose for dining. It has been spotted to be one of the top sightseeing in Dubai that attracts maximum visitors among the world’s popular commercial centers.

World Largest Mall

Upcoming Wonders

Emirates does not appear to stop with the above successful construction projects, it has become a notable destination where both residents and expatriates can seek exclusive range of dwellings. It is a dream location for many who may also feel proud to have an asset. To make this feel more exiting there are several other projects in the list of upcoming wonders such as Burj al Alam with highest numbers of hotel rooms, The Commercial Tower, etc are among them.


Emirates is not just constrained for business or career opportunities alone, today, when it comes to construction wonders, UAE holds an unique position through the wonderful sky scrapers and complex form of structural works and residential projects. Hence, buying an asset in Dubai is the dream of millions around the world.

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