The growth rate of the UAE has emerged magnificently. While in Dubai, several mega projects are building up its economy, in Abu Dhabi different policies put a partial offset on the slowdown in production of oil. Increase of house prices and reduction of subsidies are gradually giving rise to inflation. Few countries have experienced a great change in income and development over the last four decades as compared to the United Arab Emirates.But we cannot ignore the fact that the Arab emirate has emerged from the obscurity of the global affairs and has become one of the wealthiest smaller countries around the world. Rapid development in infrastructure and construction patterns can be the visual proof that. Every corner of the country has gone through a dynamic change. Developing a sophisticated city with diversified economy, which has advancement in telecommunication systems and other utilities are some of the measures taken by the UAE government to improve to living quality and have advanced human resources.

Cost of Living in the Gulf Regions

With the grandiose version of tax free lures, it is still worth to keep in mind that the living standards in Arab countries are still high. Dubai is considered as one of the most expensive city of the gulf region but globally they are counted in average. However it is the third most expensive destination in Middle East. Although there is no tax on wages in Dubai, the biggest expenses are counted under accommodation, education and transport.

The city of Dubai can be describes in two distinct areas: the original city and the new one where the developments are based. Where the old city is compact with efficient transport options, the new city is largely comprised of luxury automobiles and individual development. There is an efficient public transport system in the gulf regions with large fleet of taxis and buses which covers most of the city. Even then due to the living standards the use of luxury cars is fairly high.

Cars in Middle East

The car culture of gulf is monstrous. A solid franchise of car dealers ceases to exist within the country. Japanese and American brands have special franchised dealerships. Even though the popular models are quite high priced than the coveted ones, yet the dealers give the customers a fair deal on them which also includes, insurance and warranty period. Cheque bouncing is a criminal offense in the Arab countries; hence before you buy a car in Dubai, make sure you have enough means with you before finalizing any deal.


The world knows that the people of gulf countries are crazy about cars. The Middle Eastern region has always used transportation in one or the other way. The cars over here vary from enthusiastic to luxury loving societies. Cars like Bentley, Bugatti, hummer, Mitsubishi, land rover and so on hold a soft spot for the residents. Cars in Abu Dhabi have the trend of holding the living standards of the owner. They decide the societal status of the individual.

Used Cars in UAE

The second hand car culture of gulf is high. There are plenty of pre owned car dealers in Dubai, who offers the same service quality and insurance as for a newly purchased one. Moreover auctions are held where the customers can bid their buy. The benefit of buying a car from auction is that these vehicles will be checked and undergone proper servicing. But, there will be no warranty included.

The vehicle turnover of Dubai is quite high, where the buyers can get a new car or a pre owned one according to their need and affordability. Cars like Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce, Renault, and Maserati are some of the used cars available over there. The pre-owned market is similar to the retail market. Here people can shop physically and have a wider idea of the good four wheelers.

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