Biotechnology Jobs in the UAEBiotechnology is a comprehensive field which uses living systems, cells, organisms or cellular components to develop new techniques and technologies. As the name suggests, the field comprises of work that is research oriented and more focused on developing the solutions for issues in different fields ranging from medicine to agriculture, from clinical studies to environmental, etc.

Therefore, people opting for this field should have an inquisitive nature and an aptitude for research. With a focus on research and a large amount of funding to support the same, last decade has been particularly great for biotechnology. Many developed nations have sponsored multiple studies and have invested heavily in developing the infrastructure to support growth and sustenance of the industry. All these efforts have helped the field become popular among te job seekers, and now almost all developed and developing nations have institutions that provide formal degrees in biotechnology.

The field of biotechnology is not very old as compared to other fields, but definitely has a very bright future ahead. Students in countries which are spending heavily on research studies have a lot of opportunities to explore when they graduate. The UAE is one such place where both private and public sectors are sponsoring multiple studies in different fields, thereby creating a large pool of opportunities for professionals who want to make their career in research related fields.

The section below lists out a few things that every job seeker should pay attention to and work toward to be able to tap into all the available opportunities.

    1. Networking is the key

In today’s competitive world, build your network as much as possible. Expanding your personal network will enable you to meet new people from different fields, hence increasing your reach.  A bigger network is directly proportional to a greater number of opportunities, which is important for both students and young professionals. Registering with networking sites is a very effective tool as it allows you to not only keep in touch with others from your field, but also have access to resources like articles, studies, discussions on topics in the field of your choice.

Apart from benefitting from these networks, one can join professional groups and societies and get access to opportunities in the field of biotechnology. Becoming a part of these groups can be very useful as they provide access to available job opportunities, upcoming seminars on different areas of research in biotechnology, new technologies, and other resources that can be useful.

  1. Create a resume tailored to highlight areas of your interest

With various job portals available online, graduates and young professionals should have their resumes on all of them. A good resume (ADD LINK FROM CAREERCAFE) is the first step, or rather your introduction to an employer and hence should be widely distributed. Resumes should be crisp, and provide complete information about your background and experience.  Having an updated resume is one of the most critical requirements to be able to make the most of all the available opportunities.

  1.  Closely follow the companies you are interested in

Biotechnology is a niche industry which has a wide range of specialty jobs including biological technicians, biochemist and biophysicists, biomedical engineers, microbiologists, and epidemiologists, among others. Therefore, locating companies and compiling a list is very important. The aspiring candidate should closely follow the companies he/she is interested in.

Having the complete information will place you ahead of the competition when it comes to applying to jobs and appearing for the interview. Moreover, knowing more about the company can help you cast a good impression on the recruiter/ interviewer and hence further your chances of selection.

  1.  Look out for newspaper journals and follow the news

Another way to successfully locate biotechnology jobs in the UAE is to look out for a local newspaper and job search supplement issues. Many newsletters and publications cover a wide range of companies’ announcements and industry activities. Some companies also go for publishing directories on year to year basis. These useful resources will help the prospective candidates to find suitable jobs in the areas of your liking.

Another useful resource to find job leads is to opt for biotechnology magazines and publications. These are not only a good spruce to update yourself with the latest information about the industry but also to locate the new opportunities available with different biotech companies.
Biotechnology is one the upcoming fields in the UAE and many students are opting for a career in it, thereby making it a competitive field. Therefore, it is pertinent that the job seekers plan their actions wisely and use the tips mentioned above to their benefit. Remember, your strategy and actions will differentiate you from the rest.

Author Bio:-

Aakanksha PasrichaAakanksha Pasricha has been extensively researching about the job market in Gulf Region. When she isn’t writing she browses around the high streets as she definitely has an eye for details.

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