Flying Sky-High with Opportunities

Long gone are those times when the idea of working in the UAE seemed synonymous to working in an oil refinery or in a factory to produce petroleum products. The new era has proven to be the harbinger of plentiful opportunities for the emirates and the people who desire to lead their professional lives here.

UAE which has shown significant boom in each sector like finance, real estate, education and manufacturing to stand proud as an economy not entirely reliable on oil, has witnessed proliferated growth in other sectors as well. Aviation being the foremost one.

A sector which has contributed more than US$ 39.47 billion to the UAE economy during 2012 has seen massive growth during the last two years.

Aviation Industry Witnessing a Steep Ascent

“Dubai International Airport handled nearly 66.4 million passengers in 2013 compared to the figure of 57 million in 2012.”

“Hawker Pacific brokered a deal for 10 Bell 525 Relentless helicopters with Abu Dhabi Aviation in 2014”

Interpretations can be numerous, but the bottom line is – the aviation industry in the UAE is on the rise with jobs in this sector increasing with an exponential speed too.

Moreover, going by the increase in UAE aircrafts, one can easily infer the fluidity with which the aviation sector in the country is expanding its network.

UAE fleet Growth


To implement the ambitious plans put forth by numerous airlines companies in the UAE, airports have started embarking on expansion plans to upgrade the present infrastructure. The airports in the country are planning to invest nearly US$ 50 billion over the next five years to provide an additional capacity for 200 million passengers.

Air travel in the UAE has immensely facilitated economic growth, trade with foreign countries, investment in the global market and tourism. Over the past decade the air travel rate has grown by 6 percent a year, which has motivated the aviation sector to come up with varied airline models like hub carriers (Emirate airlines and Etihad airways) and budget carriers (Air Arabia and Fly Dubai) that cater to the passengers according to the time zones they live in. This has also lead Emirate and Etihad to be amongst the top 10 airlines of the world.

The rapid ascent can majorly be attributed to the emergence of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the commercial, financial, distribution and tourism centers in the Middle East and the location that has proved to be quite lucrative, as these emirates serve as connecting hubs for traffic moving between North & South America, Europe and Africa.

As far as employment is concerned, the emirates Oxford economics reports suggest that nearly 139,000 jobs have been created through Dubai airports and the different aviation field businesses in the emirate. Similarly Emirates group supports employment for 107,000 through direct, indirect and induced ways- accounting for a combined 259,000 jobs.

Expectations in the future

Adel Ali, Chief Executive, Air Arabia says that the aviation sector in the UAE has a bright future. However, the industry will have to contend with challenges like oil prices and volcanoes, but a hopeful future is still expected.

In emirates like Dubai, the sector is expected to contribute nearly US $ 44.5 billion to the GDP by 2020 with the creation of nearly 372,900 jobs during the same period.

The fact that UAE is expected to reign as the foremost driver of air traffic in the gulf region, is making the sector witness further growth in this country. A 6.6 % CAGR in passenger traffic is also expected between the period 2012-2017.

With all statistics going in the favor of a massive boom to be observed in this sector, it’s just a matter of time, when the UAE aviation industry will be the nucleus for the most talented professionals from all across the globe. So, if this field entices you to the core, all you need is to give your best shot and start hunting for an aviation job in the seven princely emirates.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the gulf. Reach him @ Twitter and Google+.

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