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Has the Dubai Real Estate taken off on a postive note in 2017?

Dubai Real Estate picked up well this year, with a boost in delivery of offplan projects with over 79 projects handed over comprising almost 12,000 homes being delivered to the buyers throughout the year, which is a significant increase from last year’s 9,500 homes delivery in offplans. Particularly, within the offplan domain in Dubai, the most popular element of the year was the introduction of post hand over payment plan, which boosted interest of investors and especially end-users, allowing them higher returns on investments as they would start reaping returns before having to pay 100% on their purchases, and would allow end-users to source personal loan initially, and pay off the personal loan to settle the pre-handover installments and obtain a mortgage for up to 75% upon handover from any local bank. Looking at the Q1 2017 transactions, only within off plan developments, there has been a substantial increase of 45% in volume, which goes to show the increasing demand offplan and how much payment plan based purchases are welcomed by the market in the current situation. A 25% increase in sales volume of secondary market is again a positive sign for the market during Q1, 2017 which collectively ended up at AED 12.28 billion worth of transactional amount. The end-users who opted for mortgage were more prominent in the market in terms of secondary market, however the flexibility...

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Impact of new RERA advertising regulations over Dubai Real Estate Industry

Dubai has always been progressing towards achieving more and the Real Estate sector is one of the pillar that has always performed exceptionally well towards the economic growth of this Emirate.  The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) continuing the attainment forward has taken yet another major step which implies developers and agencies to seek permission through RERA for any property related advertisement. An online system named as Trakheesi, allows the registered brokers and developers to apply permissions conveniently in order to advertise properties within Dubai and other regions. According to the rule, the applicant would need to get proper documentation in place which would be submitted to RERA through Trakheesi that would later be approved or disapproved for advertising depending upon the regulations. This is a major step towards industry maturity, because looking at more matured Real Estate markets like UK, US and Canada the two factors that stand out are transparency and regulation, and Trakheesi system despite adding these two factors to the industry also formulates a streamline process where it creates a balance for all the stakeholders of the real estate industry that includes brokerage, developers, news media and online portals. Duplicate listings, improper documentation and fraudulent details have been major concerns in the industry for long, and through the implementation of this advertising rule, these issues would be tackled at large and for good. The change...

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Fly High with Top Jobs in Aviation Industry

Do you find yourself gazing the sky and aiming for a promising career that allows you to meet your passion for flying or travelling the world? If yes, a career in the aviation industry is the perfect answer for all your career aspirations. There is no dearth of career avenues in this industry that relate to either flying or mechanics of aviation.               Here is what some of the popular careers offer in this diverse industry: Ground Crew: There is always an uptick in the demand for ground crew or “front-line” staff. This job role plays a crucial role in managing a range of aviation services such as aircraft maintenance, fueling and parking aircraft, aircraft rental and customer service. Though there is no specific qualification required for the ground crew position, but important skills such as computer knowledge and multitasking are preferred by employers. Pilots/Copilots: Pilot job is one of the most reputable and highly paid jobs in the aviation sector. Pilots are responsible for the safe flight of aircrafts in all weather conditions. A pilot job involves requisite certification, education, license and on-the-job training for handling different types of aircraft. As per, the average annual salary for an airline pilot is $ 101,339. These professionals must be physically fit and mentally alert to perform the challenging job. Flight Attendants: There has...

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Dubai Property Market in the Past and Today

In 2015, the Forbes magazine ranked Dubai as the second hottest property market in the world, after Honk Kong. Due to the drastic increase in home buying interest in 2016, Dubai is more than likely to overtake Hong Kong in this global ranking. This article briefly explores property market in Dubai and ways of capitalizing on the same. Dubai Property Market in the Past and Today Just over 3 years ago, Dubai property market was at a minimum low with a drastic fall in house prices. Between 2002 and 2008 there was witnessed an increase in property prices in Dubai. Various projects were initiated during this period including the Jumeirah Garden City, Dubailand, The Lagoons, Palm Jumeirah and the World, estimated to have cost 212 billion US Dollars. Consequently, Dubai was recorded as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. However, Dubai could not evade the global credit crunch. Mortgage institutions ceased to lend and almost half of the construction projects worth 582 billion US Dollars were either cancelled or put on hold. Foreign investors disappeared from Dubai, perhaps signifying the harsh reality that was the credit crunch. The market conditions stiffened, stipulating the beginning of hard times in the property market in Dubai. Fast forward to November 2014, the housing market recovered fast with the residential price index surging by 18.89%. During that period, the sale prices...

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A Guide for Job Seekers Hunting for a Job in Dubai

A city that must be paid a visit to be believed, Dubai is a global economic hub and the most competitive job market in the globe. Scores of people wish to have jobs in Dubai for reasons like superb way of living, good earning, amazing work culture and tax free income. It is not only the fastest growing city, but a place for new job opportunities. If you are searching in the sectors of media, finance, tourism, hotel, finance or any other industry, there is a job for everyone waiting to be snapped up. Every year, a huge number of people making the move to this beautiful city to become a part of it and make some money with no tax deducted from the amount. This is indeed a platform to grow professionally with numerous perks and benefits. The career opportunities for expats are superb so get ready to the oodles of surprises Dubai has to tender. One will never feel alone and the majority of population is of expats only and he/she hardly faces any problem approaching new friends almost immediately.   Let’s have a look at the tips to get job in Dubai: 1. Objective All those applying for the first time, it is important to know that how objectives are derived and specified. One has to be concerned about the objectives, strength and weaknesses. Ask yourself...

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