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A city that must be paid a visit to be believed, Dubai is a global economic hub and the most competitive job market in the globe. Scores of people wish to have jobs in Dubai for reasons like superb way of living, good earning, amazing work culture and tax free income. It is not only the fastest growing city, but a place for new job opportunities.

If you are searching in the sectors of media, finance, tourism, hotel, finance or any other industry, there is a job for everyone waiting to be snapped up. Every year, a huge number of people making the move to this beautiful city to become a part of it and make some money with no tax deducted from the amount. This is indeed a platform to grow professionally with numerous perks and benefits.

The career opportunities for expats are superb so get ready to the oodles of surprises Dubai has to tender. One will never feel alone and the majority of population is of expats only and he/she hardly faces any problem approaching new friends almost immediately.


Let’s have a look at the tips to get job in Dubai:

1. Objective

All those applying for the first time, it is important to know that how objectives are derived and specified. One has to be concerned about the objectives, strength and weaknesses. Ask yourself what could benefit to the growth of the organization and what major goals you carry all along to satisfy the needs of the customer. A long-term objective is to improve the performance through better work prospective goals. Highlight the past and current work experience and the achievements that can make you a real asset to the company. All in all, the purpose of an objective is to convey the applicant what you desire to attain. And your objective should give the reader a valid reason to continue on to the resume.

2. Proper Research Work

Before leaving for Dubai, do a proper research and gain a good knowledge of the market, what industries are in demand and what skills they are seeking. And today, it is very easy to find a job in your desired sector. Research will aid you to find company, position and role you want to target and you can easily approach the employer.  Apart from this, if you are aware of the company where you want to apply, then reach their career section and update the requirement and application process.

3. Create Resume and Cover Letter

To increase hiring possibilities, your resume should be accompanied by a cover letter. So, it is vital to everyone to regularly update CV and save on all the job websites. Don’t forget to include keywords, skills and details related to your field. Keywords will make your resume easy to search and aid you to stand ahead of your competitors.

4. Make a Routine and Follow it

It is important to keep updating your profile before traveling to Dubai. Job applicants usually take time to evaluate applications and visibly your time is limited. When you make it to Dubai, update all the details on your CV. Keep refreshing your CV on daily basis to get on top of employers search results. Best time to apply is early in the morning as several emails flood the inbox of the recruiter as soon as he/she uploads a job profile. If you apply in the morning, then you have the opportunity of displaying it on 1st page of their inbox.

5. Be Patient

This city has become the main spot for job searchers from all across the globe. Have patience, it’s impossible to get through at the first attempt with such a high competition. But getting a perfect job is not impossible at the same time in Dubai. You have to be persistent while searching for a job in this city.

6. Employee Referrals

Scores of organizations are targeting internal references to increase the amount of hiring come from within the firm. Your CV gets highlighted once the company’s existing employee refers and recruits the candidate from their social network.

7. Job Fair

The best way to find the job is to keep checking for expos and job fairs. This can aid you to come across employers and organization representatives who can help with contacts for your network.

It would be a wise thing to plan few days trip to Dubai and look out for the job in your industry. Keeping above points in mind, finding a job in your desired field won’t be difficult in a completely new city without any help.

Wish you good luck in job search!

Writer: Twinkle Kapoor

Though from a techie background, my interest in writing on plethora of topics has made me today an experienced writer. I have written articles, blogs and web page content for oodles of websites. Now, I am all set for a new way of challenges and learning.

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