The capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is becoming a growing cluster of people migrating from different regions across the globe to reside and earn their living in this increasingly attractive place in west Asia.

jobs in Abu DhabiThe flamboyant city is located about 130 kilometers south of Dubai and is surrounded by a number of smaller islands which are packed with luxury resorts, swanky restaurants, expansive shopping malls, architecturally designed high-rise apartments and historic museums- giving a sense of a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Additionally, the city is popularly known for its majority share in UAE’s oil production and this has contributed in the phenomenal growth of its socio-economic status thereby, making it one of the wealthy destinations of the globe. Hence, as a result of the aforementioned potpourri coupled with profuse and delightful verdant surroundings, cultural events, camel races and other distinctive attractiveness, the city has lured a large number of expats to visit and experience the life in its diverse and livable environment. Expats have continued to find Abu Dhabi a great place to live, a rational supported by cities great living condition and growing job market.

One of the effects of the flourishing economy has been a rapidly growing job market, hence providing tremendous amount of job opportunities to both the nationals and foreigners. However, for foreign nationals, before staring their jobs, it is pertinent to understand and have complete information on visa options, work culture, allocation facilities, city’s customs and climatic conditions.

Below is a complete guide to facilitate your understanding on the various areas, critical to moving to Abu Dhabi.


The process to apply for a visa to enter Abu Dhabi is pretty easy to understand, but it can vary greatly based on the nationalities of the applicants and their country of origin. For the expats coming from GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain among others, they can apply for the visa easily without facing any bureaucratic obstacles. However, for the expats coming from western nations, they are expected to go through a series of steps to secure the visa. Additionally, the requirements for the work permit include sponsorship from the employer. The whole process in case of work permit has to be headed by the employer/ sponsor.

Work Culture

The enticement of fetching a tax-free salary and living in a tax-free zone is strong enough to attract a lot of expats to migrate to this part of the world. Moreover, packages and other benefits including all paid annual flights back to home country and around 30 calendar days of paid leave a year, further make the decision of taking jobs in Abu Dhabi easy for the foreign nationals. However, another aspect that should be considered while deciding is the work culture, which might be different from one in many western countries. A work week generally starts on Sunday and extends up to Thursday with a weekend comprising of two days. General work timings start from 08:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 19:00, with employees having an option of taking split shifts.

Furthermore, there are many resources that expats can use to locate a fitting job opportunity, such as online job portals, recruitments agencies, and referrals, among others. The expats should also make sure that they have their resumes updated with all the skills and the required language proficiency in order to make use of the growing job market and locate good opportunities in their areas of expertise.

Housing Facilities

This is a simple step as expats can easily go for either rentals or buy their own properties. The skillfully designed housing complexes are well versed with all facilities and niceties including health clubs, sports facility, swimming pools, and gym, among others. Housing in Abu Dhabi, therefore, regardless of whether going with the furnished or non-furnished housing units, is quite expensive. Many organizations also provide expats with company owned accommodation for a fixed time period or arrange the rent payments for some time.


Abu Dhabi, a land of cultural diversity, is influenced by Islam. The city has welcomed different nationalities, each contributing their uniqueness thereby, making it a distinct place to reside in. In lieu of such diversity, it is essential for expats to make the most of every opportunity to learn and adapt the city’s traditions. Living in the city also provides a sense of globalization as it facilitates interaction with people from different parts of the world and from different cultures. Apart from the aforementioned unison of culture and economic climate, the city is also a perfect destination to take time out of your working hours and relish the popular tourist destinations to further verse yourself with the local culture.

Climatic Conditions

The climatic condition in Abu Dhabi is hot and humid and the temperature in summer months, April- September, generally goes up to 40°C. Moreover, in the summer months, the city witnesses erratic sandstorms. However, winters that start from October and last till March are quite comfortable as they are cool and breezy and the temperature hovers around 15°C. The balanced and the moderate climatic conditions of the city are quite convenient for the expats and hence doesn’t pose an issue when deciding to move to Abu Dhabi for good.

All in all, living in Abu Dhabi can be easier if expats consider the above-mentioned pointers before starting their journey of moving their bases. Lastly, it is crucial for foreign nationals to carefully look over the employment contracts, a fundamental reason to relocate outside from the home country. A basic employment contract includes accommodation, annual leave, sick leave, air tickets, medical treatment, personal and accident insurance, transportation and allowances

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