Marketing is an essential tool to maintain customer loyalty and retention.  Creating an effective marketing plan is an art, one that all marketers need to master. Regardless of the country or industry type, a successful marketer is one who by means of creating innovative and creative marketing plans can contribute in the overall growth of the organization.  Today, marketers need to have a comprehensive knowledge of external audience’s preferences, constraints, desire and requirements as this basic and primary step in the marketing plan will guide the managers to position organization’s product or services in a way to maximize revenues and overall profits.

Field of MarketingProfessionals or students who are planning to have a career in online content creation, public relations, web design, copywriting, logo design or other related roles in which there is a need to  take a product or service to your audiences, should consider marketing as their best option. Additionally, in this fast paced competitive world where new technologies and techniques pop up almost every other day, organizations have revamped the job descriptions and responsibilities and have high expectations from their future marketing managers. Therefore, for a candidate to be successful in this field, he/she will have to stay updated with new technologies, techniques while having a strong grasp of the basic fundamental skills, which will never go obsolete.

Unison of skills in social media, traditional marketing techniques and analytics will aid the managers to look beyond and pick up the unique trends and patterns that will enable them to target their audience effectively, and hence pay off their marketing efforts in the form of lucrative salary packages.

Here are some essential tips which will help future managers to sharpen their skills and help them to build their career in marketing in the UAE.

Have an in-depth knowledge of your customers and their preferences, constraints and desires

The traditional way to learn about the buying behaviour of the external audience is to rely on the previous year’s data and sales figures. With an avalanche of data, one can accurately predict his or her behaviour, preferences or actions for tomorrow. However, the efficiency in this approach is susceptible to rapidly changing trends, and hence managers are required to anticipate and account for the same by incorporating sensitivity analysis. Organizations expect the managers to acquire critical thinking skills and the ability to analyse statements and errors. The aforementioned skills will breed creativity and this in turn will help candidates to solve the problems effectively and accomplish the objectives.

Coupons and loyalty programs add traffic

Ability to come up with new and effective strategies to add to customer base is a very important skill. New loyalty programs and gift coupons will grid the marketing plans better by exceeding the expectations of the customers. In this competitive world, it is necessary to lure your customers mainly by providing them with coupons or loyalty programs.  Be it a brick and mortar format or a virtual store providing incentive will trigger your customers thereby leading to an impulsive purchase. A perfect blend of compulsive and impulsive purchase will increase the footfall by turning your customers to consumers.

Analytics and technical thinking

A holistic approach in building up relationships and maintaining the links between all the marketing mediums is a great way to reach out to the target group. A perfect combination of tech-savvy and analytical mind will fetch the organization with good response from their audiences. Additionally, the best managers will know when and how to present a brand image through various user friendly apps and other relationship building tools.

Going digital

Apart from TV lives, Print lives, Radio lives, using social platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagramand Pinterest among others will enable to get insights into new consumer observations. These insights will help the managers to make a smart move by accepting the change and retain the affluent customer base in a cost effective manner. The current pool of managers are required to ace in the field of digital world by showing their creativity in digital ads, link building, and interaction with target group among others.

Job market scenario and marketing scope in the UAE

The UAE job market is on a rising phase and has created ample of job opportunities for the students and talented professionals. With factors like improved economic conditions, government intervention, and investment in various sectors among others, job market has witnessed tremendous growth, something that has given both expatriates and the national population reasons to rejoice. The boom in the market will also be beneficial for the employers as they will be able to extract the best of brains and hire them to achieve goals for their organizations.

With a number of openings available in the market, it will be easier for the job seekers to make a move of their own choice and hence get that sense of satisfaction. The hiring atmosphere in the country, in general, is experiencing a great time as compared to other markets across the globe as the industries like construction sector, oil and gas sector, hospitality, health care, tourism, and information technology among others are experiencing a positive growth. Owing to tremendous growth in marketing and related fields, professionals majoring in marketing, just like other fields, also have a great number of options coupled with a positive long term outlook. Additionally, each and every industry requires trained and proficient marketing managers who are solely responsible for managing company’s customer base through digital or traditional formats.

Therefore, the field of marketing is one which is not constrained by the type of industry, as at the end of the day organizations need managers to assist the customers by keeping themselves updated with ever-changing industry expertise, techniques and tools. All in all, with extremely bright future, professionals can excel in the world of marketing by taking up the industry of their choice in this country of cultural diversity.

Future Prospects

Marketing is a dynamic discipline which constantly experiences transformations and especially in a growing economy like the UAE, this discipline has a wide scope and great prospects. The unique connection between marketing processes and consumer behaviour underlines the need to have managers with specific skills including innovative, creative, attention to detail, data driven, and analytical thinking. In this technology fuelled economy, employers are looking for managers who are adept in the aforementioned skills while being flexible enough to changing market and related trends.

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