Administrative Job in the UAE

The UAE today is not merely a country enticing tourists and professionals, but it is an amalgam of cultures that bloom with a blend of numerous opportunities and growth prospects for an individual to flourish in his professional life.

With the Emirati corporations running professional lives of probably a zillion expats, it goes without saying that chances for you to enjoy a lavish tenure stand equal to those of any talented individual in any corner of the world.

Running eyeballs around these companies, you can easily observe the kinds of profiles that are in demand and make you end with a fat pay check every month as well. One such domain is the administration field. It’s well known-a-fact that administration is that one department, without which a company simply cannot function. Re-iterating over its importance, holding an administrative profile in any company today, you’re required to have unmatched reflexes and instincts during impromptu situations. The same has made all Emirati employers be quite choosy while making a pick.

Hence, mentioned below are 4 of the most common interview questions that are often repeated in interviews for an administrative job in UAE.

1) Why Do You Think Manhole Covers are Round?

Having hopped on to a flight to a country this exotic, you travelled for hours and made it to this interview room. But, as soon as this question gets popped up, you are left dumbfounded and get stuck, there and then.

However, of late, employers in the UAE have been quite specific about the problem solving skills of professionals holding administrative profiles. These serve quite handy, when the network goes down and the boss is constantly nagging for the reports. The answer obviously is- so they don’t fall in!

2) What Steps Have You Taken to Develop Your Knowledge for this profile?

The only thing a recruiter wants to make sure by asking this question is, whether or not you have the appropriate knowledge of the field, while working as an administrative professional in any Emirati corporation. Plus, the answer to this question can conspicuously reveal a multitude of things about you. The profession demands for you to remain dedicated and improve on a continual basis, something that’s direly required to understand the operational systems within the corporate arena, accurately. Make sure to highlight the things you’ve acquired that relate most to the organization and its way of functioning. You can also talk about the conferences, seminars and training you were a part of.

3) Who do You Admire in your Life and Why?

By the time this question arrives, employers in the UAE have the full potential to make you feel in a dilemma, to observe how calmly you get out of it. Not to go astray, the why in the question is way more important than the who. The hack lies in identifying someone who has qualities that prove lucrative in the field, something that you aspire to do. Importantly, avoid someone surrounded by controversies, if at all possible.

4) How Would You Rate Me As An Interviewer?

Of course, the question itself asks for you to share some positives about the employer. The trick is, having shared the positive points, talk about things that seemed negative, but turned out to be positive, eventually. For instance, ‘I wasn’t expecting the question Z, but it really made me think about some of the most crucial aspects of the job.

What the recruiter wants to judge over here is the ability to be diplomatic, plus your capability to speak truth over power. This is one of the most critical skills associated with administrative work.

Questions are endless to discuss. However, the hack lies in knowing your strengths and answering with a cool mind. The UAE stands with a plethora of opportunities to be unlocked!

Anshuman KukretiAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf.

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