Year: 2017

How to Advance Your Teaching Career in Dubai?

Source: Pixabay Dubai is the largest and the most populous city in the UAE. The city offers a luxurious lifestyle, an exciting nightlife, great travel opportunities, and lucrative career prospects. All these factors make it a popular job destination among job seekers from around the world. Being one of the wealthiest cities in the Middle East, Dubai traditionally relied on its oil and gas sector for economic prosperity which meant that the employment prospects earlier were limited. However, over the years, the city has transformed itself into a diverse economy offering great employment prospects across various sectors with education being one of them. The education sector of Dubai is the hottest sectors for employment among professionals. Each year, teachers from all across the world come to Dubai with aspirations of making a great teaching career for themselves. However, expat teachers often find it difficult to advance their career and grow as professionals in the city. If you are facing a similar challenge in your career, here are a few tips to your rescue: Decide upon your ultimate career goal: Having a long-term career goal is essential for keeping yourself focused on your professional growth. To set a goal, firstly, ask yourself some trivial question. For example – –          Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? –          What type of jobs in the education sector interest you?...

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Nitty-gritties of Buying and Investing in Dubai Properties

Buying and investing in property in Dubai is attractive until you see the extra costs and commissions forced onto buyers. Dubai offers a lifestyle that many people dream of living. The concept of freehold property allows non-GCC passport holders to own a property and enjoy all the benefits that Dubai has to offer. Owning a property is definitely attractive but before moving ahead with the process it is important to understand the entire procedure and the costs that are involved in each step so that the complete picture of property transaction fees in Dubai is clear. The freehold property of Dubai can be categorized into two major domains which ease the understanding of property commission fees in Dubai and property fees in Dubai. The two major freehold property domains are off-plan property and ready property. 1.       Off-plan property In the off-plan property domain, there are 4 different occasions where the property transaction fee is paid by the buyer. Off-plan properties are under construction properties which are due to complete on the specified date by the developer. These properties are purchased from the developers directly so there are no property commission fees in purchasing off plan properties. However, according to the new law imposed in June 2015, the buyer needs to register the off-plan property in the Dubai land department right after signing of Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA). This registration...

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The Temperature is Rising, And so are the Discounts!!

We all love a bargain, don’t we?! The season of sales is here! July marks it’s beginning with the Dubai Summer Sales. If you see Modhesh, then you are reminded that it’s summer in Dubai! Dubai has shopping malls and centers in every nook and corner of the city, helping people easily avail to the summer discounts. With July and August being summer break in the country, most of the people are planning for a vacation back to their home country or abroad. The malls are expected to be filled with blowout deals and discounts across departments, from shoes, bags, apparel, cosmetics from at least 100 labels. Thousands of bargain hunters in the UAE are expected to descend in Dubai during the summer sale, looking for essentials which they can carry with them while on vacation. Some others who are travelling back to their home country are shopping for gifts to take for their loved ones back home. Shopping in malls during sales is not easy. Shoppers have to wait in long queues to enter a store, even after they get entry into a particular store it is difficult to go through the different products because of the rush and commotion. Late Bloomers may return home empty handed if their product is not available or is out of stock because of the massive sales and discounts. Although Dubai is...

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5 Important ways to keep Rent Down in Dubai

Renting in Dubai can be expensive; here are 5 ways to keep rent down in Dubai Dubai is amongst the most dynamic cities of the world, where the life moves very closely to the speed of light. Renowned for its tourism, skyscrapers, luxury lifestyle and global business hub, Dubai has about 92% expats population of which more than 80% are renting in Dubai. Hence, the cost of renting in Dubai directly affects the cost of living in Dubai and in order to control these expenses the article discusses 5 important ways to keep rent down in Dubai. Rent your Home near to Workplace Renting the home near to workplace brings in so much of benefits in the short and the long run as it decreases down the traveling time by avoiding rush hour traffic, allows you to be punctual at workplace, allows you to spend more time with your family and friends, increases workplace performance and efficiency and eventually saves you monetary and non-monetary costs to a great deal. So the first step in renting a home should be to select the specific community which should be close to work and should have the access to all the basic amenities. Find trustworthy Agent Because of the strong competition within Real Estate Industry there are about 2,400 real estate brokerages within Dubai, of which only some will offer you right...

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Has the Dubai Real Estate taken off on a postive note in 2017?

Dubai Real Estate picked up well this year, with a boost in delivery of offplan projects with over 79 projects handed over comprising almost 12,000 homes being delivered to the buyers throughout the year, which is a significant increase from last year’s 9,500 homes delivery in offplans. Particularly, within the offplan domain in Dubai, the most popular element of the year was the introduction of post hand over payment plan, which boosted interest of investors and especially end-users, allowing them higher returns on investments as they would start reaping returns before having to pay 100% on their purchases, and would allow end-users to source personal loan initially, and pay off the personal loan to settle the pre-handover installments and obtain a mortgage for up to 75% upon handover from any local bank. Looking at the Q1 2017 transactions, only within off plan developments, there has been a substantial increase of 45% in volume, which goes to show the increasing demand offplan and how much payment plan based purchases are welcomed by the market in the current situation. A 25% increase in sales volume of secondary market is again a positive sign for the market during Q1, 2017 which collectively ended up at AED 12.28 billion worth of transactional amount. The end-users who opted for mortgage were more prominent in the market in terms of secondary market, however the flexibility...

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