Month: March 2015

Construction Wonders in Dubai

Why UAE gains more attention? Emirates had emerged out as a leading nation with growing attractions in many areas. Among them construction business takes the lead role. When it comes to construction varieties of projects can be includes in the list starting from residential projects to industries, commercial centers, shopping malls, and in real estate circles. Dubai stands in the peak of boom creating epic changes in architecture and infrastructure. Starting from World Tallest Skyscraper Burj Khalifa to many more superlative projects, Dubai shares majority projects carrying biggest development aspects. Ambitious Projects In one of the recent studies published by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, construction sector in Dubai contributes of about 12.2% and grows annually at an average rate of 27%. It is one of the non-oil sectors that shares major portion of developmental aspects for the nation. This national aims to break several records over criteria of highest, longest, etc. Burj Khalifa Burj Dubai has beaten Taipei 101 with 2,684 feet. A Look Back into the Growth History of Infrastructure The point of extreme architecture was supposed to have begun during the latter half of 19th century with the biggest man-made port opened during 1979 at Jebel Ali in Dubai. During 1999, this nation became the centre of attraction for its first 7 star iconic hotel “Burj Al Arab” which was opened for commercial purposes. Within...

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Strategies Followed by Top Car Makers in Holding their Value in Arabic Nation

Tremendous Growth Statistics of Automobile Sale UAE has been reported to have achieved 4-fold growth since the past decade sharing a profit increase from US$1.1 billion in 2004 to US $ 4.7 billion in 2013. Ibrahim Mohamed Al Janahi, Chief Commercial Officer and CEO of EZW says that the total vehicle sales in MENA has been estimated close to 4 million in a year and may reach 7 million by 2020. There are strong reasons which can be illustrated to support the growth of automobile sector such as the national wealth of this country, Government investment on building social and economic infrastructure. Increase of Luxury Cars The growth of car sales has also shown considerable result in demand for luxury cars since the past two years. In 2013 Middle East car sales of some of the top brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce and BMW have reached 80%, 46%, 45%, 26%, 17% and 15% respectively. Since all these brands have their regional headquarters in Jafza, scope for sales of newer models of vehicles have increased considerably. Expatriates Entry- A Valid Reason The growing percentage of expatriates seeking opportunities and the existing resident base find considerable scope of earning with good salary packages in Emirates. The signs of improving salary packages encourage them to switch over investment in vehicles. Among them, investment on used cars is found to...

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The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Abu Dhabi

It’s all about the Money Due to the strong Economy this emirate has and the modern cityscape at display, expats often find working in Abu Dhabi to be a very lucrative alternative. Moreover, due to its incredibly small population, the economy of Abu Dhabi depends on expats who are qualified in different fields. Foreigners from various corners of the world hold jobs in a number of important sectors in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the tax-free incomes and jobs with high remuneration have enticed millions from all across the world. According to reputed websites, average salaries all across the UAE have increased by a figure of 5.3% and they are predicted to increase by 5.9% this year. The same website also suggests that Abu Dhabi is the second most popular city in terms of expat population with 20% of the expats living outside the emirate expressing a strong desire to reside here. In the past few years, many large global organizations have relocated their business to Abu Dhabi. Those who have the desired skills and expertise find it quite easy to get jobs with desirable salaries. The section to follow will discuss about the top five paying jobs in this emirate. A job in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector Putting it forth bluntly, executives in this sector are often known to earn loads. They may even come first...

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Methods of Online Promotion

Online Marketing is a popular method used in today’s world for advertising and marketing of various products. It involves the use of internet as a platform to convey messages to customers. such advertisements include web banner advertising, display advertising and much more. online advertising includes of both a publisher who develops the online content of such ads, and an advertiser who procides the advertisement to be displayed. It has become a popular source of advertisement throughout the World and is adopted by most countries. Online Marketing in UAE is prominent due to huge audience and a large number of mixed religion residing in the area. Some of the Methods of Online Marketing are- Display Advertising: This form of method consists of advertising messages using text, logos, animations, videos and photographs. Display ads are used to target audience with particular traits. Such ads use cookies, which identify specific computers. Cookies can track which website a computer browses through and what type of products the user is interested in. Web Banner Advertising: These are typically graphic advertisements displayed within a web page. Banner advertisements may use a media to incorporate various videos, animation, buttons, forms and other programs. Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders: A pop-up advertisement is displayed above a website whenever a user opens a new browser window. A pop-under advertisement is similar to a pop-up in which the ad is displayed under the...

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Classified Portals: One Stop Solution To All Your Advertising Needs

A web portal for classified ads is a space on the internet where one can post any kind of advertisement with required information on the product or service that you are offering. Anyone can post their ads on these websites for free or by payment of a small sum of money. Usually these classified portals have dedicated categories for different types of products or services. The users can choose accordingly to post their ads which will make them more effective. Advantages of Marketing through Classified Portals The internet has made the world a lot smaller place and it is growing rapidly with millions of websites being developed every day. The Internet contains numerous Online Web Design Portals, where one can post any kind of ads for the growth of their business. Websites where one can post free classified advertisements are one of the most important and basic tool for marketing any kind of product or services through the internet. Classified portals will help you to get high traffic of customers because these websites are flocked by potential customers round the clock. It also helps in directing customers to your websites as they have the facility to add the links of your websites. So, in a way it helps in promoting your website. Almost all the classified advertising websites allows its visitors to post any kind of advertisement for free....

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