Day: January 13, 2015

Awards 2014 for Residential Contractors and Real Estate Projects in Emirates

“A nation is the same people living in the same place”. To prove the words of famous writer James Joyce Emirates remains a destination that never makes you feel to leave. It is the nation which is filled with excellent features of development over all standpoints. Be it from technological scenario or infrastructure or industrial for instance, today Emirates remains one of the spontaneous locations that flash into the minds of people when they are asked to tell the favorite destination. It is a place for hope and positive destiny for many from across the world. The country’s growth is tremendous is obviously proved one and known for world renowned and incomparable architectural progress. There is lot of things which can be illustrated here to reflect on unmatched improvement, especially, when it comes to real estate and property growth, UAE is sure to be included in the talk. Support for Property Development on Encouraging Plane Dubai property market is aiming to balance the variations in affordable housing. There is lot of attractions provided for construction projects in the form of investments and awards. This has been one of the strong motives for more and more successful projects to emerge out successfully. In addition, construction and real estate sector in Emirates also find reliable means of responding to the market demand and at competitive cost. According to research reports, the...

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What Does a Job-Seeker Find a Bahrain?

One of the fastest growing job markets in the world-Bahrain Named by UNESCO as the fastest growing economy of the Arab world, Bahrain today, stands proud as one of the foremost developing countries in the gulf. It isone of the first countries in the gulf region to discover oil and capitalize on it to produce economic benefits. However, the scenario now is quite different. According to reports by ILO, the past decade has brought about numerous changes in the way the political and economic policies were looked at. With the Bahraini population’s support to bring about democratization in the country, various reforms have also been introduced in the last one decade. Changes in the political and economic system coupled with competition from other countries has led the country’s regime to diversify its economy and work on other sectors as well. Development of sectors like Tourism, Real estate, Finance and IT has substantiated the growth of employment opportunities in Bahrain. Consequently, with the country’s considerable success in building sectors other than petroleum, Manufacturing and Education sectors have also been benefited.This has increased the demand for skilled workers from various corners of the world. Famously known as the “Middle East lite”, Bahrain is home to an expat community of more than 500,000 individuals. What does an expat find in Bahrain?  Most of the expats moving to Bahrain find immense career opportunities...

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