Year: 2015

Beach Property in Dubai: How Worthy Is the Investment?

There is nothing worthier than securing your finances with a real estate investment. All you need to do is find out a place that is brimming with great opportunities for living. According to profound market researches, Dubai tops the list of destinations offering the greatest returns on real estate investments since 2010. With more and more people turning to real estate investments in the country, there has been a massive transformation in its economic scenario. The real estate sector is experiencing a boom, thus enhancing the revenue earnings of the nation. Reasons behind the popularity of beach properties However, it is important to note that a majority of these investments are made on Beach Property in Dubai. Thanks to the scenic locales and great neighborhoods for adding value to the beach properties in the country. Those looking for comfortable living amidst luxuries and amenities must opt for the beach properties. If you are one of them, then Dubai will surely have some great options in store for you. Depending upon your preferences, you can either opt for villas or apartments. However, in case of both these choices, you must have a single-point agenda. And that is to maximize your profit and make your investment decision a worthy one. Breeze through the following article and get knowledgeable about the factors worth considering while making an investment in the beach properties...

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Properties in Abu Dhabi

Excellent Consumer Perceptions with Properties In Abu Dhabi UAE for a long time is been considered to be the hub of builders and asset management activities as they offer incentives foe expats as well as for local investors. It is precisely for this reason property for sale in Abu Dhabi is in high demand due to the luxurious trends that we follow in the construction scenario. The thought leaders of UAE has truly kept no stones unturned to make this location as one of the centres of international activities. It is important to note in this aspect that this region is poised for a great growth in construction and real estate and is going to offer immense investment opportunities for individuals. The greatest attribute that is offered is the abundance of fine properties that serves as a great foil for the investment community at large. Excellent Growth Rate Statistics clearly reveal unprecedented growth and development in real estate in 2015 despite the economic slowdown. There has been growth in hospitality as well as in residential properties and apartments in Abu Dhabi. Rental growth of residential properties continues to be 4% in the first quarter of 2015 followed by the 11% growth in 2014 at the same time. The stable condition of residential properties is augmenting fast growth with the hospitality segment being one of the strongest performers that is...

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A Complete Guide to Start Over a Career in Abu Dhabi

The capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is becoming a growing cluster of people migrating from different regions across the globe to reside and earn their living in this increasingly attractive place in west Asia. The flamboyant city is located about 130 kilometers south of Dubai and is surrounded by a number of smaller islands which are packed with luxury resorts, swanky restaurants, expansive shopping malls, architecturally designed high-rise apartments and historic museums- giving a sense of a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Additionally, the city is popularly known for its majority share in UAE’s oil production and this has contributed in the phenomenal growth of its socio-economic status thereby, making it one of the wealthy destinations of the globe. Hence, as a result of the aforementioned potpourri coupled with profuse and delightful verdant surroundings, cultural events, camel races and other distinctive attractiveness, the city has lured a large number of expats to visit and experience the life in its diverse and livable environment. Expats have continued to find Abu Dhabi a great place to live, a rational supported by cities great living condition and growing job market. One of the effects of the flourishing economy has been a rapidly growing job market, hence providing tremendous amount of job opportunities to both the nationals and foreigners. However, for foreign nationals, before...

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Choice of Cars According to Society Segments in UAE

The growth rate of the UAE has emerged magnificently. While in Dubai, several mega projects are building up its economy, in Abu Dhabi different policies put a partial offset on the slowdown in production of oil. Increase of house prices and reduction of subsidies are gradually giving rise to inflation. Few countries have experienced a great change in income and development over the last four decades as compared to the United Arab Emirates.But we cannot ignore the fact that the Arab emirate has emerged from the obscurity of the global affairs and has become one of the wealthiest smaller countries around the world. Rapid development in infrastructure and construction patterns can be the visual proof that. Every corner of the country has gone through a dynamic change. Developing a sophisticated city with diversified economy, which has advancement in telecommunication systems and other utilities are some of the measures taken by the UAE government to improve to living quality and have advanced human resources. Cost of Living in the Gulf Regions With the grandiose version of tax free lures, it is still worth to keep in mind that the living standards in Arab countries are still high. Dubai is considered as one of the most expensive city of the gulf region but globally they are counted in average. However it is the third most expensive destination in Middle East. Although...

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A Complete Guide to Bright Future in the Field of Marketing

Marketing is an essential tool to maintain customer loyalty and retention.  Creating an effective marketing plan is an art, one that all marketers need to master. Regardless of the country or industry type, a successful marketer is one who by means of creating innovative and creative marketing plans can contribute in the overall growth of the organization.  Today, marketers need to have a comprehensive knowledge of external audience’s preferences, constraints, desire and requirements as this basic and primary step in the marketing plan will guide the managers to position organization’s product or services in a way to maximize revenues and overall profits. Professionals or students who are planning to have a career in online content creation, public relations, web design, copywriting, logo design or other related roles in which there is a need to  take a product or service to your audiences, should consider marketing as their best option. Additionally, in this fast paced competitive world where new technologies and techniques pop up almost every other day, organizations have revamped the job descriptions and responsibilities and have high expectations from their future marketing managers. Therefore, for a candidate to be successful in this field, he/she will have to stay updated with new technologies, techniques while having a strong grasp of the basic fundamental skills, which will never go obsolete. Unison of skills in social media, traditional marketing techniques and analytics will aid...

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