Year: 2014

How Tourist’s Inflow Affect Dubai’s Infrastructure Perspectives?

Factors Influencing Tourism over Infrastructure The legend behind UAE’s popularity among the tourists favors back to several reasons. There has been remarkable transformation of UAE from being a Gulf nation to one of the top tourist’s locations of the globe. On the other hand, apart from people visiting as a tourist destination, Emirates is now the hot spot for career prospects and subsequent comfortable living. However, contribution of tourism and development had been a strong influence in encouraging infrastructure development. Though accessibility aspects cannot be estimated less than the other developed countries, majority of the guests who visit UAE as a tourist recommend this destination as their favorite spot because of the unbeatable architectural excellence. Justifiable Factors Favoring Increasing Visitor’s Flow in Emirates Advanced means of communication. Easy accessibility through Air ways linking almost all the important cities in the world. Comparatively lesser in economic perspectives. Excellent transport facility to roam around. Unbelievable shopping experience. World’s competitive shopping malls. Spell bounding hotel architecture, etc. A Statistical Analysis into the Tourists Inflow While analyzing the Tourism development in UAE since 2005 till now there is significant growth in the number of visitors preferring this location to be one of their top choices. 2012 Statistical reports say that Saudi Arabia leads the role in top 20 with nearly 272631 guests which was higher than 207774 guests in UK and 174922 guests...

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Recovery and job prospects of the hotel industry in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most successful metro cities within a short span of time. Like Abu Dhabi, Dubai is not blessed with natural resources, but it has developed itself into a tourist hub. The economy of Dubai is also largely dependent on the tourist sector. Due to the huge influx of visitors every year, the travel and hotel industry has flourished rapidly in Dubai. Job opportunities in Dubai are also worth mentioning when we talk about the hotel and travel industry in the city. These are the top business operations in Dubai and the jobs available in Dubai hotels offer high salary that becomes a major attraction for expats and native job seekers.   Dubai’s hotel industry- An overview The hotel industry in Dubai revolves around providing accommodation for travelers from across the world. The success of this industry is highly dependent upon the ways needs of the clients are served by offering a wide range of services. This has developed as a multifaceted diverse industry besides the mere essentials of lodging. The most variable feature of this hotel industry is quality. Apart from renting good quality rooms, some of the additional features of a hotel are internet facility, overnight check-in service, hotels with swimming pool, laundering, valet services, and other modern amenities. The hotel industry in Dubai The hotel industry in Dubai has been growing faster...

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IT Jobs in Dubai – A Dream of Every Job Seeker!

Working in Dubai is a dream for many young professionals. Owing to the fact that earnings in Dubai are tax-free, many multinational companies have set up their businesseshere. The city is a preferred option of every expat professional willing to get a high paid job. Expatriates working in Dubai constitute approximately 80 per cent of the Emirate’s population. Employment opportunities in Dubai are endless for those who have a clear career plan. The UAE remains at the forefront of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of the Middle East, while Dubai is the application, innovation, and development hub of the ICT. The march towards Dubai Expo 2020 will ensure the transformation of the city into a technological hub not only within the region, but globally. Moreover, expos and world fairs are an indicator of technological breakthroughs, infrastructure development, and regulatory framework. Hence, the 2020 win witnesses Dubai’s success as a smart city and a global tech hub. Knowing Dubai’s IT sector Information Technology or IT sector forms the center of everyday life. Numerous industries are associated with IT such as computer software, hardware, electronics, internet, semiconductors, e-commerce, computer services and many more. The development of IT industry can be grouped under four stages, namely pre mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic. With the gradual development of the IT sector, job opportunities are also increasing. IT Jobs in Dubai IT is...

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UAE – The Top Destination for Expat Jobseekers

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most preferred job destinationsfor expats in the Middle East.The increasingemployment opportunities, a healthy environment, and several attractive locations in the country make it a popular job locationin the world. The reputation of the UAE as a growing job location has become stronger with the Expo 2020. With this, the country is poised to achieve growth in various sectors, thus giving a boost to the employment scenario. Supporting Surveys and Reports Multiple reports and surveys have underlined the fact that the UAE is one of the finest places to live and work for expats. UAE was rated as 9thbest destination for expats in the world in 2013. Here are some interesting surveys to support the fact: The Expat Explorer Survey 2013 by HSBCj conveyed that the quality of childcare services and education in the UAE is above the global average level of 57 per cent. The survey included over 7,000 respondents from around 100 countries. In the GCC, the UAE was rated the top country in terms of childcare services. A recent post on, Dubai, one of the most popular emirates in the UAE, is ranked 5th among the top international destinations for the travelers by the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. The study confirms that the emirate is expected to generate over 12 million from visitors across the globe...

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Property Development Regulations In the UAE

Establishing the right goals conforms with the best strategy and this is what planners in the UAE have done.The rapid development of this country has created a need for better housing, class accommodation and facilities to handle the increased flow of business people. The government has also stepped in to establish procedures and legislation to govern the development of property in the country. Controlled Development Procedures Developing your property in the UAE requires compliance with certain regulations including; Acquisition of a construction permit from the regulatory authorities. Qualified engineers and architectural designers Approved by the government must be involved in the design and construction of the premises. The developer must furnish the required documents, including a no objection documentation showing that the authorities have no queries into the project. Land demarcation documents. Green Building Design Requirements In Dubai The ongoing construction must conform to environmental conservation and sustainability. The measures required for green building status includes management of construction waste and thereafter, measures of water conservation, including rainwater management and energy efficiency. The compliance criteria are detailed in the “United States Green Building Council” under the leadership in energy and environmental design requirements.(LEED) Acquiring A Building Permit This is a critical requirement and acquiring the document requires; The developer must obtain clearances from service providing authorities such as and communication providers and water services. Payment of relevant fees...

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