Month: December 2014

How to be Sheikh-a-like while being an expat

The equation is simple: hard work + loyalty = success + riches You are trying to make your dream real. After listening to the benefits of working and living in the Middle East, you must have started an extensive research of job openings in any of those privileged countries. After browsing through almost all the job portals and talking to the recruitment agencies for openings, documents etc., you must be now ready to start working in the Middle East. This article is aimed at helping you become sheikh like even when you are an expat. Let’s find out how. Irrespective of what your educational background, area of work is, if you don’t belong to the Middle East or the GCC countries, the calling of Middle East can become impossible to ignore at times.Whether it’s the tax free living, a high pay or the alluring Sheikh life, Middle East is a dream of everyone who wishes to be the heart of Arabian nights and hopes to become a Sheikh someday. With Dubai becoming excessively crowded, countries like Bahrain, Kuwait and some cities like Abu Dhabi etc have made it to the list of jobseekers. However, growing number of expats has not restricted other people from wanting to become an expat in the Middle East.Here are the steps of how to make your dream come true: Steps The wish of living...

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How to Plan a Spectacular and Entertaining Weekend in UAE?

Planning Weekends in Advance Planning a weekend involves a great deal for many. In one way we need to plan everything within what we can afford and in another way we need to find the best entertainment aspects which should remain worth mentioning. In a country like UAE where the list of sightseeing and enjoyment aspects cannot be listed down easily, planning a weekend seems to be choosing among the unlimited options. However, advertisements can help you through planning things in advance. UAE-The Destination for Necessity and Luxury UAE has become the centre of attraction for other foreign nations. Dubai contributes majority of scope not only for entertainment but also for career opportunities, automobiles, real estate, etc. Dubai is a spectacular location where people from different parts of the world prefer to reside either to find a career or to enjoy the luxuries. Entertainment in Dubai Apart from visiting the major attractions like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Kalifa, Burj Dubaic or Dubai Marina Yatch Club, the scope of entertainment is not lesser in a country like UAE as there are many things to surprise the visitors than those mentioned here. When it comes to entertainment in Dubai, captures utmost attention of viewers for the variety of events, concerts and activities organized here. Does Advertisement Reach Through Maximum Audience in UAE? Though advertisements in conventional formats through news magazines and media...

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