Month: October 2014

The Middle East Lite – Working in Bahrain

Working and living in Bahrain, with all that the Persian Gulf has to offer and also their great lifestyle is an added incentive. Bahrain’s labor laws and work culture is definitely something as a job seeker you should look at. Bahrain is a small island country located near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. This is the site of the ancient Dilmun Civilization. In the Persian Gulf, Bahrain has the first post oil economy, i.e., they do not rely only on oil for their economy. Since Late 20th century, Bahrain has invested in improving their Banking and Tourism sector. The Capital Manama has many national and international financial structures.  Bahrain has the highest growing economy and also said to have the freest economy in the entire Middle East. Bahrain has been recognized by the World Bank to have high income economy.  In 2008, Bahrain was said to have the fastest growing financial centre by Global Financial Centre’s Index. The banking and financial services sector particularly Islamic banking has seen a boom since the growth I demand for oil. Petroleum and its products is the most exported in Bahrain – almost amounting to 60% of export receipts, 70% of government revenue and 11% of the GDP. Aluminum is the 2nd most and post that finance and construction materials. The discovery of Oil in the early 1930’s, increase the infrastructure...

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How Tourist’s Inflow Affect Dubai’s Infrastructure Perspectives?

Factors Influencing Tourism over Infrastructure The legend behind UAE’s popularity among the tourists favors back to several reasons. There has been remarkable transformation of UAE from being a Gulf nation to one of the top tourist’s locations of the globe. On the other hand, apart from people visiting as a tourist destination, Emirates is now the hot spot for career prospects and subsequent comfortable living. However, contribution of tourism and development had been a strong influence in encouraging infrastructure development. Though accessibility aspects cannot be estimated less than the other developed countries, majority of the guests who visit UAE as a tourist recommend this destination as their favorite spot because of the unbeatable architectural excellence. Justifiable Factors Favoring Increasing Visitor’s Flow in Emirates Advanced means of communication. Easy accessibility through Air ways linking almost all the important cities in the world. Comparatively lesser in economic perspectives. Excellent transport facility to roam around. Unbelievable shopping experience. World’s competitive shopping malls. Spell bounding hotel architecture, etc. A Statistical Analysis into the Tourists Inflow While analyzing the Tourism development in UAE since 2005 till now there is significant growth in the number of visitors preferring this location to be one of their top choices. 2012 Statistical reports say that Saudi Arabia leads the role in top 20 with nearly 272631 guests which was higher than 207774 guests in UK and 174922 guests...

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Recovery and job prospects of the hotel industry in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most successful metro cities within a short span of time. Like Abu Dhabi, Dubai is not blessed with natural resources, but it has developed itself into a tourist hub. The economy of Dubai is also largely dependent on the tourist sector. Due to the huge influx of visitors every year, the travel and hotel industry has flourished rapidly in Dubai. Job opportunities in Dubai are also worth mentioning when we talk about the hotel and travel industry in the city. These are the top business operations in Dubai and the jobs available in Dubai hotels offer high salary that becomes a major attraction for expats and native job seekers.   Dubai’s hotel industry- An overview The hotel industry in Dubai revolves around providing accommodation for travelers from across the world. The success of this industry is highly dependent upon the ways needs of the clients are served by offering a wide range of services. This has developed as a multifaceted diverse industry besides the mere essentials of lodging. The most variable feature of this hotel industry is quality. Apart from renting good quality rooms, some of the additional features of a hotel are internet facility, overnight check-in service, hotels with swimming pool, laundering, valet services, and other modern amenities. The hotel industry in Dubai The hotel industry in Dubai has been growing faster...

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