Month: June 2014

Global Competence of Tallest Infrastructures

Urbanization in Effective Form and the Initiation for Tallest Infrastructure Urbanization impact is a major feel not only for top nations like America, UK, Europe, or Australia; it is explicitly felt covering almost all the nations in the world. Though the above nations remain top in the list, bringing or adding newer perspectives to infrastructure development is regarded a foremost category to highlight a nation’s development apart from business or trade excellence. Industrial growth stays a main reason of concern for successful urbanization however, implementation of luxury aspects for inhabitants, creating easier accessibility points are some of the factors that are also considered effective for triumphant urbanization. The initiation for competitive infrastructure begins at his point and has resulted in competitive models of construction projects worldwide. Leading Towards Infrastructural Development Features As far as infrastructure or architectural development is concerned, most of the nations redeem their ranking in terms of creating unbeatable construction planning for commercial, residential, industrial as well as public projects. Building the tallest structures gains more attention and identity for the nation. Empire State in New York, Twin Towers in Malaysia, Shanghai World Financial Centre and Zifeng Tower in China, are some of the notable tallest structures well-known worldwide. Middle East nations have overcome the competence and Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the top among the tallest as it is 282m tall. This is a world...

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Regulations and Standards on Sale of Used Cars in UAE

The strategic positioning of UAE has made it a world leader in the used car market. Despite stringent regulations on the vehicle age, the market continues to thrive well. In the city of Dubai alone, the used car showrooms total to more than 200 exhibitions. This market has grown so much that the municipality of Dubai had to construct an AED 65 million multistory structure for vehicle parking in Al kahor. Current Government Regulations on Sale of Used Cars in UAE Various regulations have affected the development of the used car market. One of them is the legislation that banned the importation of cars more than 5 years of age, which slashed off a sizeable section of the market. In terms of documentation while purchasing, the only documents required are the delivery order, copy of the bill of lading, and the inspection report. Export documentation of used cars involves; An export declaration, which is approved by a licensed operator given mandate by the licensing agency. An export permit issued by an approved body.  An authentic sale invoice showing the quantity, description and the total value of the vehicles. Goods clearing declaration; The authorities of the UAE have made the process of resale of used cars in Dubai very friendly to businessmen thus promoting the success of the used vehicle business. Importance of Enforcing Regulations and Standards of Used Cars...

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Reflections and Blend of Middle East and Modern Architectural and Style in International City

Buying a Property which has Exclusive Architectural Style Investing or renting a property in one of the top locations of Dubai is a matter of pride and luxury indeed. Dubai is obviously emerging to be one of the greatest locations which contain several illustrations to prove high time in construction. What is attractive about UAE Properties? Emirates is a world of many exciting things which one must visit in lifetime. However, when there is necessary to buy a UAE property there are some exclusive and spectacular locations from which investment made would undoubtedly bring back good returns. Top Locations of Property Preference International City in Dubai, Dubai Marina, TECOM, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Tower are some of the posh locations where getting hold of property for rent in TECOM Dubai Marina would remain a dream come true. Rental possessions are also available with complete range of luxury facilities. International City in Dubai-Fantastic Construction Technique International City in Dubai is a location well known for its construction techniques. The whole concept is planned over 800 hectare of plot where multiple commercial and retail business activities are found. When it comes to residential features, country themed architecture of residential projects can found. Excellence of Middle East Architecture in International City Inspired by traditional Middle East architecture and by modern trends in construction, civil designers have planned various residential and commercial projects with diversified...

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