Month: May 2014

Managing Tax Rules in Different Types of Properties in UAE

UAE Government and Tax Rules Tax on income varies from country to country. As far as UAE is concerned, tax rates are either meager or no tax at all for several walks of life. There are several areas where tax relaxation can be enjoyed by individuals as well as organizations. Even commercial taxes are found to be comparatively less in UAE than in other countries. More Tax Benefits for Individuals working in UAE Working people and residents of UAE and Dubai can enjoy huge advantage in buying residential properties if they buy resale property in Dubai. Except 2% of registration charge which they need to pay to incur the process there is no additional amount will be asked in the name of tax. Tax Limitations on Property in different parts of UAE Abu Dhabi 5 to 10% of tax will be charged on commercial property over the annual rent received by the owner. In Dubai 5 to 15% of tax will be charged in accordance with the income status of the tenant. Link between Rental Property Tax and Employment In Dubai rental property tax varies depending on different living circumstances and employment status. People working in banking sector and residing in Dubai have to bear 15% as tax from the annual rent. Common Tax for All residential Properties All kinds of residential properties in Emirates will be charged annual...

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Construction Excellence in Jumeirah Village Circle

The Scaling up of Real Estate Projects As entire hotspots of Dubai are witnessing the high rise of real estate, there has been a positive revert from investors. With community facilities are becoming important part of residential sites, location like property in Jumeirah Village Circle is witnessing a bright star. Villas, shops, business center are some of the bustling properties coming up. The Rise of Villas in the Property Every property for sale in Jumeirah Beach Residence has witnessed the rise in property rate. The best thing about such property is the greenery added in villas that are constructed across the beach residence. This certainly attracts buyers to invest on villas and other properties in the vicinity. The similar scenario is scene in location having property in International City, Villa Property in Jumeirah Lake Tower and few other properties. Newly Featured Amenities The best part of such construction is the high-end resident friendly facilities like central park, amphitheatre, waterways, supermarkets etc. All these facilities are provided in residential apartments villas built at the property in Palm Jumeirah and other property areas of Dubai. No More Wasteland Until few years back, various properties across Dubai were a wasteland. But once the real estate boom began it was a never looking back trend. Every apartment for sale in JLT, property sale in Downtown Dubai began witnessing rapid development. Building of Community...

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Which is your Best Place for Residing Sports City or Discovery Gardens, or Al Barsha?

To Reside with Low Rent but with Good Amenities While looking out for a property in sale, it is important to look for some good amenities under affordable rent. A property for sale in Discover Gardens will offer you with modern amenities and garden view. Moreover, location like Discover Gardens is close proximity to Dubai’s major business hub including Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Ibn Battuta Mall will offer a great residing experience. Residing at the Property Hotspot Some of the hotspots for rental basis are Dubai Sports, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Al Barsha etc. are gaining momentum due to property rate, amenities and location. If there is a property for sale in Sports City, then investing there will surely be a worth investing for future profit. Dubai property market is increasing by 10-20 % year by year with new real estate development taking place rapidly. Availability of Sizeable Apartments Every apartment in hotspot locations of Dubai has sizeable rooms. Property in Dubai Marina like Al Sahab offers 1BR for sale having built-in wardrobes, laundry room and fully fitted kitchen. Moreover, the property is located near Dubai Marina Mall. With this sizeable apartment, buyer can stay at the exceptionally well reputed residential community. Rise in Rents of Residential Area There has been a rise in rents of residential areas like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, International City and...

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Website Manifestation To Reach More Audience in Classifieds Portal

Creating user Friendly Web portal for Classifieds Website The inception of online presence for classifieds business has developed a new and fast trend in making profit. It has become very easy for visitors to reach what they need in simple ways by just staying where they are. Web design companies also focus on adding friendly website development features to make the classifieds concept easier and economical. Adding Suitable Classified Features When it comes to marketing, sales, advertising and several related aspects of business, online presentation remains the most effective form. As far as entering variety of products and services in a classifieds website categorizing links appears good. Making Multiple Aspects Easily Reached Classifieds websites have completely replaced the necessity of searching news papers and magazines. The advent of free classifieds also serves both the vendor and buyer with easy access of information they need and allows for fast communication at a meager expense. Navigation Features for Easy Marketing The most important feature which visitors generally look in classified websites is the easy navigation aspects. Multiplicity of information need to be displayed in a single website therefore a good classifieds website should be easily navigated to multiple pages linked to the respective search criteria. Oforo is one of the leading classifieds website which contains user friendly resources and remains flexible for navigating different data. Proper Customization of Business Features Customizing...

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Stylish and Comfy Living at the Best Rates

There is growing number of the comfortable and secure living apartments in world as is experiencing rapid redevelopment with unique designs.  They are driven by the growing demand from local and international residents, friendly business environment, and increase in population and growth in tourism.                               Creatively Designed BHK Apartments that Meets your Living Standards Bhk apartments are excellently designed in matching the increasing demand globally with respects to the clients. They are constructed with very high quality grade raw materials with the incorporation of the latest technology in fulfilling the international quality standards. They are designed by exceptional professionals that expertise in developing comfortable, presentable, creative, originality and innovativeness in ensuring reputable experiences to the clients. Great Environment Suitable for Family and Holiday Vacations Living in apartment located in a quiet, sunny position, stylish, large living/ dinning room, children playing ground like swing, swimming pool, barabecue, enough parking lounge satellite like T.V among many others. All are fully furnished with luxury and modern style or rustic charm that is very suitable for the family vocation that is quite incredible. Factors that have Contributed to Peace and Tranquility in the Residential Apartments The peace and tranquility is highly achieved when staying in the residential apartment as there is total elimination of excessively loud noise, shouting, dog barking that jeopardizes...

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