Month: February 2014

Available Cars (New and Used) In Dubai

The market for new and used motor vehicles in Dubai has grown considerably. Dubai has been the trade hub for most vehicles brands.  The features and quality of both new and used cars is a key parameter to check before purchasing any car in Dubai. Features of New and Used Luxury BMW, Bugatti and Cadillac sold in Dubai. Dubai market offers a wide range of new and used BMW cars for sale. The main BMW models include BMW 1, BMW 3, BMW 5, BMW 7, X3, X5 and X6. The main features of BMW series 1 to BMW series 7 include; all wheel drive, Mac person front wheel suspension, top speed of about 200-250km/hr and 6 cylinder power engine.  BMW 3 series is availed in form of couple, convertible body or wagon model. BMW 3 series engine can either be 320i, 2 liter, 4 cylinders or 325i, 2.0ltr-6 cylinder engine. BMW 5 main features include; all wheel drive; I drive system, active cruise control, high power engine, head up displays and active steering. It is comparable to Mercedes Benz. The SUV BMW models include X3, X5 and X6.  These are in form of 4WD. The X5 and X6 are the latest BMW SUV models. X5 has either 3.0si, 6 cylinder engines or the 4.8i, V 8 engine. It is an all wheel drive without low range gearing. X5 has...

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Business Opportunity in Dubai

Dubai is the largest capital city of the United Arab Emirates UAE. Over the last year Dubai city have experienced considerable economic growth and emerged as the best international hub for business excellence and prosperity in the Middle East countries. The Dubai city is strategically resulted to thriving of many business opportunities. The free taxation policy, encouraging regulation that are friendly to all investor globally, incentives and attractive tendering has boosted the business opportunities in Dubai and maximizes of the returns to overseas investors. The Dubai city has various business opportunities which includes:  Tourist  business opportunities as in 2010 the Dubai was the 7th most visited city in the world with a projection of attracting more than 15 millions tourist by year 2015. This creates new opportunities for investment in the tourist industries, hotels and beverages industries and transport business opportunities, recreation centers among many others. The population increase in the Dubai city have thrived the demand of rental properties, commercial real estate and residential houses to meet the increasingly demand of houses. The car business is a new area of investment opportunities in Dubai as they majority of resident and oversees overwhelming needs the services of the car. There several business opportunities in Dubai for both small scales, large scale investors as well as the entrepreneurships. Entertainments, advertisement and media industries are part of business opportunities in Dubai...

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How to Settle in Dubai?

Dubai is widely viewed as regional and international trade hub. It is well located on the Persian Gulf at midpoint of Africa, Europe and Middle East. The Dubai is considered as one of paradise present day city. Over the years Dubai has retained a reputable favorite spot for both business and tourist attraction over the world. More and more people are settling down in Dubai city due to its uniqueness and quality life. When one is deciding to live or relocate in Dubai city have to consider the following factors that include: need to secure a job before settling. Needs to understand the salary he or she will be expecting. Research is important to understand how much one will be earning in order to plan for lifestyle that he or she needs. Research on the area you intend or wish to live and plan your relocation. Familiarize with the top residential areas and make decision. Consider the distance, social amenities, school and place of work. Arranging the interim accommodation if one will not be staying for a long time. Get your family visas and choose right schools for your children. Needs to familiarizes and understand the laws and regulation. How to Get Job in Dubai? Living standards in Dubai is excellent and one can apply job through classified websites. One can apply for a job in Dubai through sending...

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Purchase Apartment and Real Estates in UAE Hassle Free By Using Easily Accessible Real Estate Financing Options

The UAE is experiencing rapid infrastructural growth. The real estate sector in UAE grows by double digit and the country has the one of the highest construction rates in the world. Nature of Real Estate Business in UAE There is growing number of real estate properties for renting and apartments for sale in UAE. These have been driven by the growing demand from local and international residents, increase in population, and growth of multicultural society, good infrastructure, growth in tourism, friendly business environment and low taxes. The country is also a regional and international trade hub and therefore attracts numerous foreigners who purchase or rent properties. Financing Options Available to the Local and International Investors The UAE offers many financing options for local and international investors who purchase apartments in the country and also rent property for business purposes. The first and easy method is paying cash for property. This is a common strategy for rich high income earners who can afford to pay huge sums of money for apartments and real estates. Cooperates and individuals developing properties in the UAE also have access to loans from banks and financial institutions.  Banks easily give loans to corporate institutions as compared to individuals. To access the loans, the corporate organization must proof their credit worthiness and provide security. Most corporations access these loans and in turn lend the money to...

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